Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Hello. Today is warm and nice. I just dropped Brittany off at school came home and put some more chemicals in the pool. I am sitting outside in the yard with the laptop. Kaylee is just riding her bike around the patio and I am making hotdogs for her and I on the BBQ for lunch.

I went for my doctor's appointment this morning for my physical and results of my MRI an bloodwork. My MRI was just fine...sigh of relief. My bloodwork was pretty good my cholesterol is a tad on the high side but nothing to be worried about. That runs in the family. The only other thing was my B-12 it was extremely low. The doctor gave me a B-12 shot and told me to start taking some B-12 supplements even though they are in my multi-vitamin they just aren't enough. I have to go back in 2 weeks for another B-12 shot. As far as my headaches are concerned, the relapax is working for me. The doctor thinks that they could be from stress. Gee...what stress?? I am happy though.

Later today I have to run and pick up the kids and drop off my niece. My mom was going to do that but she has had a nasty cold all week and has been in bed. She hasn't been sick like this in a long time. I hope she is feeling better soon. She is leaving to go to Florida in a few days. I guess it was better to get sick this week rather than next week when she would of been away.

I also posted some more pictures that I received this morning of Ronnie and 465th in Iraq which he is a part of. He has been traveling now with part of the Operation Lightening. It is interesting to see the pictures of where he has been on the other side of the world. It is hard to imagine the danger his life is in everyday. We all miss him and can't wait till September when he is supposed to get some time off to come home. What a party we shall have!! Thanks for the messages you all have been writing to him. It means alot to him and his family!!

Got to run...I think I just burnt my hotdogs...Oh well... Hugs!!

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