Friday, June 3, 2005

Just another cloudy day here on Long Island. It's actually starting to drizzle out right now. Oh well we need the rain though.

Just talked to my mom and found out my sister Lisa who was sick last week with what I guess was the same cold my mom had all week is worse now. She works in a law office and had to leave work yesterday because of the pressure in her ear. She was in pain and went right to the doctor. The thing with Lisa is she is allergic to most antibiotics -- she gets a bad reaction to them. The doctor was able to prescribe something which wasn't easy to figure out. She also may have ruptured her eardrum, my mom said she was bleeding a little from her ear. God I can't imagine how much that must hurt. I hope she is feeling better soon.

Today I had to run back to the pool store to get a few more accessories, hose, ladder mat, etc. Hopefully the kids can get in the pool this weekend. The water is too chilly for me it's only 70-72 degrees. I'll wait till the solar cover does it's job.

I am actually all by myself on a Friday after school. The girls went next store to play with there girlfriend and David went to his friends house to work on a science project. Let me tell you this rarely happens.

Well I'm going to run and enjoy the last few minutes of peace I have before the crew comes home.


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