Thursday, June 9, 2005

Hello...I'm here again. I'm feeling much better. Just spent the last few days trying to realax and feel better...that is as much as a mom can relax. LOL.

My Mom called from Florida and is having a great time with her family. So far they went to Dinsey World, MGM, and Epcot. She is coming home on Saturday night.

Ronnie sent some more pictures from Iraq so when you get a chance check them out I have a link in his photo album page or just click on -->View Ron's Pics!

The kids have been enjoying the pool the past few days since it's been 95 degrees and hot and humid. I posted some pictures below.

The weather is much better today not as hot only getting to 85 degrees today! That's pretty good to me.

Well I'm going to run and do some housework before the kids come home from school. Have a great day everyone!! Hugs!!

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