Monday, July 4, 2005

HAPPY 4th of JULY!!

Hello!! Well I am doing better on the Zyrtec. I take it now when I get up in the morning and I am back to going to sleep at night alot easier. Guess it takes a bit of getting used to something.

Friday night we dropped the kids off at my parents house and Alan and I went out to return sneakers I bought for him for father's day. Since we were out we figured we would get a bite to eat at Red Lobster. I hadn't been there in years. Alan enjoys his fried shrimp and fried flounder. I am not a fish person at all...guess you can call me a land lover. I ended up with the steak. It was good and we had a really nice time.
Yesterday I decided to plant the rest of my impatients. I put alot of them around the patio and the pool. Alan said I made the pool look pretty. I can't wait for them to all fill in nicely. Then last night we went to my parents house for dinner and the kids ended up taking a swim. While we were over there the neighbors down the street were shooting off bottle rockets and firecrackers and my mom and dad's dog Lady Bell was so scared. She was shaking a panting terribly. Mom gave the dog a sedative but it really didn't do much. Poor thing. Later on my niece Ashley came back with us to our house to sleep over. Her and my son David are 9 months apart and are so close. They are like brother and sister!! They had a good time playing video games till all hours.

Today we will probably spend it in the yard in the pool till this evening when we were invited over my cousins house in Deer Park for a barbeque. He said his neighbor puts on an amazing fireworks show every year. The kids are excited...heck I am too!! I am trying to think of something to make and bring with me for the barbeque. I hate going empty handed. Hmmm.

Well I better get the rest of the crew up and make some breakfast for everyone before it becomes too late.
Have a great holiday everyone!! Hugs!!

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