Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Hey. Gosh it sure is hot today though I shouldn't really complain about my 100 degrees when my poor cousin Ronnie is in Iraq in the dessert with temps of 118+ degrees with full sun. Not to mention he doesn't get to wear shorts either just alot of heavy armor and covered form head to toe. I don't know how he can take it. Yikes!! I heard it was 117 in Las Vegas too that they broke a record there. I actually got to chat with Ronnie this morning on AOL instant messenger. It was a nice surprise. He said he was sitting in his trailer on his laptop and that he managed to get a signal to get on the internet but it was pretty slow, though the instant messenger seemed to work well. He also said to thank everyone for the birthday card that I made and had everyone sign. He enjoyed reading all the messages. He said it was also nice to see the pictures of the family that I just put up in the photo album. He couldn't believe how big Nicole had gotten.

Other than than I did some errands this morning. I had to run to Massapequa to the pool store and get the water tested. I woke up and the pool was really cloudy though when I tested it everything seemed fine and right on target. Well when I got to the store they tested the water and said everything was perfect except the chlorine seemed a little on the low side. He said probably because of the extreme heat we've been having and with the pool water being 93 degrees caused the cloudiness. So I just ended up going home and adding extra chlorine and some water clarifier. Hopefully it should start to clear up by later this afternoon.

I'm home now and just had my lunch. I had my favorite tuna on an onion bagel from my favorite bagel store along with a nice coffee coolatta. I am trying to get some laundry done because tonight we have a wake to attend. My Aunt MaryAnn's mom passed away on Sunday morning and today is the only viewing day and then early tomorrow we are going to the funeral home and the church for the mass and then driving out to Calverton cemetery for the burial. Tonight though, my Aunt Tootsie is in town so she offered to watch Brittany and Kaylee so they don't have to go to the wake. I'm not sure they would understand it anyways since they are so little. So it was nice of her to do that for me. I'll bring them tomorrow for the funeral though.

Yesterday, I decided to call the landscaper yet again. I got his machine of course and left another message for him to call me back about his overcharging me for some things on the bill and to find out when he was going to make good on my car being damaged by one of his employees. I also said that if I did not hear back from him by the end of the week that I would contact my attorney. I also said that we will also no longer be requiring your services and to please not send anyone else to do our lawn. Well I called and left that message around 12:10 p.m. and by 12:14 p.m. my phone rang...surprise!! It was the landscaper Anthony. Talking in a very tough italian voice..He says....waht's up? I said what's up? Don't you know what's up? Then he said listen missy if your gonna call and threaten an attorney then you just have your attorney call me. I said well Anthony if that is what you want then we can end the conversation here and I will hang up and have him call you. I think he was surprised I said that and said well what's the problem? I said my car for one thing. It's been damaged since the end of April and you have not done anything to rectify it. He goes well my guys said they didn't do it. I said well you weren't there I was and so was my husband and I saw it with my own two eyes. I told your employee not to move the lawn mower until I moved my car that it was a new car and expensive and I didn't want anything to happen to it. I was just laughed at and told it's a small lawnmower it will fit and well he went and did it anyways and scratched the car. He said well I called you and told you to go and get estimates. I said you never called me and told me that. I haven't talked to you since around May 2nd when you called me back regarding the situation and you told me not to worry that you and a friend that works on cars would be over to look at it and that you would take care of it and that you were sorry. You also said that you would be over during the week and I said ok just call first before you come so I can be sure to be home. Well he never came or called. The only reason I finally went and got estimates is because I never heard from you. He said well how much was the estimate for I said one was $1576 and the other was $1568. So I went with the lower of the two. He said no way is a little scratch $1568....there's no way. I said Anthony it's not just a little scratch it goes along the passenger side of my car (I should say van) and out through the bumper. Didn't you see the estimates I mailed you. He said he never got the certified letter that I mailed out to him on the 18th. I looked it up and it says that the post office tried to deliver it on the 19th but no one was home and there was a note left to pick it up at the post office and since it has not been picked up. He said oh ... well maybe I got the card upstairs.. I'll have to check. I said you do that!! I also said and the reason it's $1568 is because it's a deep scratch past the clearcoat and because of that the whole right side of the car needs to be repainted. It's not a cheap van. I have all top of the line stuff on it. The bumper has to be removed and repainted and the back up sensors are on there and the back up camera as well that shows everything on my navigation screen in the car. So guess you should of hit a cheaper car. I was just getting so mad at him at this point and most of what was said was yelled back and forth. Then he tells me oh and you owe me $600 so far and you haven't paid me. Oh really I said that is another thing I think you need to learn to do math agian because you didn't add my bill up right. First you owed me $100 credit from last falls cleanup that you said you did but didn't. Then you charged me for a $200 spring clean up that you said was done on April 30 th the same day your employee hit my car. Which was bull because all you did was mow because it was raining out. I also said I haven't paid you recently since right now I am out more money than you are at the momenet and when my car gets fixed you can get paid. So he looked back and said ugh ...yea maybe your right. I said yea I know I'm right and I'm right about my car too!! Then his voice seemed to calm down and and he said he would come over to look at it but wanted to come right away... Well my husband Alan was standing there listening to this whole conversation/screaming match and said no way are you going to be home alone with 3 kids while I go to work with a crazy man coming to the house. I told him if he wanted to come back at 7 p.m. when my husband was home he could he and he said no. I said well then I am busy with funeral arrangements for the next couple of days so how about Friday between 12-3 p.m. he said fine F r i -- Day be --tween 12 AND 3 I'll write that down.... that's the best way I can describe the way he said it. What a **bleep**!! He made it out that I was lying that there is no way a lawnmower or his employee would do that. He said he would know by looking at the scatch if his machine did it. I felt like saying why have you done this before. Why the heck would I make a story up like that!! I said how the heck would you like it if someone scratched your nice car which I think is a black hummer and then the company they worked for denied it and you saw them do it!! I can see if I didn't see the guy do it but I did. If I didn't see it I would have no real proof! I just have a feeling it isn't going to be pretty when he comes Friday. I am not at all looking foward to it at all. I think this is probably going to small claims court if he keeps denying it! Guess we'll see what transpires. I sure hope I am wrong though. All I know is it took me 3 hours to calm down after I got off the phone with him. Ughh MAD is an understatement.

Well I babbled on long enough...sorry to vent I just had to get it off my chest. Thanks for listening!!

Well I better get myself together and find something to wear tonight.

Have a great day!! Hugs

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