Saturday, July 30, 2005

Well hello... ah yes... the weekend finally!! Plus summer school is done!! Yay!! The kids start school on September 6th so it will be coming up soon enough. David goes into 7th grade, Brittany into 1st grade and Kaylee starts kindergarten.

The past few days have been quite hectic. We attended the funeral for my Aunt MaryAnn's mom. It was so sad. I can't imagine how hard it must be to lose your mom. Which is sad too because my friend LeeAnne who is also best friends with my sister Michelle is going through this right now. He mom was diagnosed with a brain tumor 12+ years ago but has just over the past few months taken a turn for the worst. She was put into the hospital to have a feeding tube put in during the week because she lost the ability to swallow. Unfortunately, she ended up pulling it out (she does not realize she is doing this) and has since been bleeding and suffering with breathing difficulties and pain. Last night the family was called to the hospital and the outcome does not look good. My sister Michelle ran up straight from work to be with her and her family. She told me that she is on high doses of morphine to try and help calm her down. I feel so bad for LeeAnne she has done so much for her mom during her illness and I know she can't imagine her mom not being here anymore. Please keep her mom and family in your prayers to give them the strength they need at this time to try and get through this.

I also posted four new pictures of Ronnie in Iraq. They are in his photo album. As far as everything else ... the pool I finally got to clear up. Looks nice and clear again. Oh and I had the landscaper over yesterday afternoon to look at the car. He still was a bit arrogant saying there is no way his machine (lawnmower) did that damage to my van. He said I can bring my lawnmower over and I said oh yea great idea lets rub it up next to the car again and scratch it some more. I said the handle is just that high so he measured and agreed. He said he wanted his guy to fix it and I said no way I would not be comfortable with that. He said I'm not giving you $1568 so this will have to go through my insurance I said I don't care so long as it gets fixed I don't care how it gets paid for. So he said he would call me today at some point and give me his insurance information. If he doesn't then guess I am going to small claims court on Monday!

So that's about it. I am just getting the kids ready today. Mom mom invited the girls and David over to have a slumber party. It's mainly for the girls. Brittany, Kaylee and my niece Katie. I had to pick out their pretty princess nighties as they call them to wear tonight. They are so excited. So that leaves Alan and I with a free night to go out!! Sounds good to me. Hmmm what shall we do. Dinner and a movie, bowling, a walk down by the beach.. not sure yet. But it's nice having the freedom to do what ever once and a while.

Hope the rest of your weekend is great!! Hugs!!

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