Thursday, July 21, 2005

Wow Thrusday already. I feel like the week is flying by. It's supposed to be 90 degrees today but without the humidity. I can handle that. Yesterday was pretty quiet. I got up and did some cleaning. David went with Alan to work to help him with the new books this week. Alan said David is a good worker and learns quickly. They enjoy their time together. Later in the afternoon the girls had their friend over to play. It kept them busy and I cleaned out the refigerator and gave the kitchen a good cleaning. I also got in the baking mood so I made some blueberry muffins and some chocolate cupcakes. Yum they were good!

I have some pictures that I was able to get up today they are from July 4th, Summer Fun Day, and Ashely's Graduation. Check them out in the photo album.

I am also hoping to hear from my landscaper today or tomorrow. One of his workers decided that he would squeeze his lawnmower between my car and the house. Usually I would have moved the van across the street or into the garage but they showed up when I wasn't expecting them to come especially since it was raining that day. I ran outside and told the guy to wait and I would move it but I guess he didn't understand english and did it anyways(duh) so now there are some nice scratches going along the passenger side doors and out past the back bumper. Now mind you this happend on April 30th. Well how long ago was that almost 3 months ago. The owner said he would come and take a look at it and not to worry he would take care of it. Here I still wait. So on Monday I sent him out a certified letter with two estimates to have the van repaired. The damage was $1568 which was the lower estimate. The car has to be repainted on the right side becaue the scratches are too deep to be buffed out. Of course he still has not responded. I am having this feeling that I am going to end up in small claims court with this. But hopefully I am wrong. I'll let you know how I make out.

Have a great day!! Hugs!!

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