Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Hello. Happy 5th Birthday to my little one Kaylee Rose!! Here she is on her new bike from Nana and Pop-Pop.

We are having my cousins and my mom over later this afternoon for lunch and cake to celebrate here birthday. Alan unfortunately has to work all day and since David my sister and niece are away we will celebrate Sunday when they get home since it is my sisters birthday as well on Thursday Sept. 1st. Busy, busy!! LOL.

Yesterday, I got up early and got my hair cut. It really needed it. I always feel so good after it's cut. Then went with my mom to Target to get a doll for Kaylee for her birthday tomorrow. She loves baby dolls. Then we went to Dollar Tree. I always like checking that store out once in a while. Sometimes there is stuff I really like for a $1. I love the IBC rootbeer so I picked up 6 bottles. We had to leave quickly because the store was having trouble with their fire alarm going off and god was it ever so loud. It was that piercing sound. I felt bad for the people who work there since they couldn't figure how to get it to shut off and the fire department who showed up couldn't either.

Please keep my uncle and his family in your prayers, we just found out he has a brain tumor today that is 3 inches big around in the front part of his brain. We are hoping it is something that will be able to be removed. I can only hope and pray that everything will turn out good. Hopefully we'll know more by tomorrow.

I got some pics that my sister sent to me from her camera phone of my son David and my niece Ashley in Florida. They are really having a blast. Yesterday they got to swim with the dolphins at Discovery Cove. Today they are at SeaWorld and will probably be going to Universal later on tonight for a bit since they have a 4 day pass there.

Well have a great day!! Hugs!!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Hello All!

Yesterday, David along with my sister Lisa and neice Ashley left for Orlando, Florida for their vacation. We took them to JFK airport. They were flying JetBlue. I love that airline. They are staying at the Nick hotel. We stayed there once before and loved it. There is so much to do and it is close to everything. Today they are just going to hang out by the pool and then go to Downtown Disney this evening. I was very happy that hurricane Katrina wasn't going to hit Florida again especially since they were going to be there. I do feel so terrible for all the people in New Orleans. I can only pray that everyone down there will be ok and that everyone is able to evacuate especially those unable to travel. It looks to be a very dangerous storm. They say that they could be under 20 feet of water when Katrina hits. Very scary.

Today I am home and doing laundry. I am just trying to go through all the kids clothes and see what doesn't fit anymore and get their closets straighted out. Later on this afternoon, we are going over to my parents house and they are taking Kaylee out to Toys R Us to pick out a bike for her 5th birthday. She's going to love it!! I can't believe Kaylee will be 5 on Wednesday.
Well hope the rest of you're weekend is great!! Hugs!!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Howdy on this sunny Thursday.

Alan is still a little sore from his root canal but he is doing much better and his mood is much better too.

Yesterday the girls and I picked David up at Alan's store and then stopped by my parents house for a few minutes to pick up an envelope they had for me. Then we went to Target and did a little school supply shopping. Wow...I'm not used to buying for all three. Unfortunately, they didn't have too much and their selection was kinda stinky so we ended up going to Office Max for the rest of the supplies they needed. I think we got everything but some colored composition notebooks but my sister Michelle is a manager in Stop and Shop so she said to wait because they are supposed to go on sale in her store. After we left there we went to the bakery to pick up some italian bread and then went to King Kullen to do some quick shopping for dinner. I decided to make ziti since it is something soft for Alan to chew.

When I got home, I called my sister Lisa who is taking my son to Florida on Saturday night for a week. I had heard on the weather channel that there is a hurricane Katrina that is supposed to hit Florida and I wanted to warn her to make sure she had purchased insurance through the travel agent just in case. What a bummer. I sure hope it doesn't screw up their plans at all. If anything their flight may be delayed. I just hope it all blows out before they have to leave.

Well right now I am listening to the lanscapers outside buzzing around the house. They do 3 houses on this block so they are here for a while. I have to get moving. David was supposed to get his hair cut yesterday but I never made it over to the barber early enough. Hopefully Alan will take hime today before going to work. I really want to get into Kaylee's room and rip it apart plus I have a ton of laundry to do ... as usual. It never ends.

Hope you all have a great day!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Hello. Hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far.

Today Alan went in and had his root canal done. He was pretty misrable when he got home. I know the first day you get work done like that it hurts pretty good. Later on, Alan and I drove into Queens with my minivan to meet my dad and uncle in picking up a oak roll top desk my aunt was getting rid of but was still is excellent condition. We drove it back to my parents home on Long Island and ending up having dinner with them since my mom was making a roast. Poor Alan all he could eat was mashed potatoes and some steamed broccoli. I remember being in the same position last year with my oral surgery. All I could eat for a week was mashed potatoes and Carvel soft icecream. So I know how bad he feels. On the way home from my parents house we picked up his prescriptions for his pain medication and antibiotic and then ran to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things. When we got home he took his medicine and is now out cold.

I have to get David together and packed since he is leaving this Saturday for a trip to Orlando with my sister Lisa and my neice Ashley for a week. He is really looking forward to it. It's really the first time he will be away from us like that. I'm used to him going to my mom and dad's for sleepovers but not so far away and for a whole week. I'll miss him. While David is away, Kaylee my youngest is turning 5 years old on August 31st. I can't believe it. I also can't believe how far she has come and the obstacles she has overcome with being born with congenital heart disease. She has had two open heart surgeries and is now doing amazing. You would never know unless you saw her scars which I am hoping will fade a lot as she gets older.

Oh and I have some great news! My cousin Ronnie who is over in Iraq since February is finally getting his leave to come home for two weeks. Everyone is so happy and his sister Kathy will be having a big welcome home party for him on Sept. 17th. We can't wait! I sure it will be a much needed break that he needs.

Well I am off to bed to catch some zzz's of my own. Tomorrow I want to take the girls out to do a little shopping for school and get David's haircut.


Monday, August 22, 2005

Saturday the girls had their sleepover and enjoyed it very much. Alan, David and I went out for a bite to eat and then came home and watched "The Skeleton Key" . We liked it. It was a story that had to do with voodoo. It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be which I was happy about. It kept you wondering thoughout the movie what was going on. It was a kind twisted ending like people have been saying. The ending explained everything. I think it is worth seeing.

Sunday was really nice. We went out to my cousin Kathy's and her huband Alan's to clelebrate my Aunt Frannie and cousin Carol's birthday. We had a great time. Their daughter Nicole is getting so big and so is there son Michael. The kids did a little swimming as it was so hot and humid out. I'm telling ya I can't wait for fall -- which happens to be my favorite season. I also got everyone together and we shot a video message to Ronnie (my cousin fighting in Iraq). It looks as though he may be getting leave around Sept 10th but we will know for sure Tuesday. Click here to see the video message. I got up and did some cleaning and now I just plan to relax for the rest of the day and do a little laundry. Hopefully it will be a quiet day.

Hope you all have a great day!! Hugs!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Hello...Happy Saturday!

Today wasn't too exciting. Got up this morning and hubby's tooth was hurting really bad so I was able to get an emergency appointment with the dentist and took him over at noon. It turns out his tooth was infected and he needs a root canal done on it. Thankfully we are covered 100% for dental. Thank you UPS!! Anyways...the dentist cleaned it out and put in a medicated temporary filling and then Alan has to go back on Tuesday for the root canal.

Brittany and Kaylee just left to go next door to their friends house to have a sleep over. They are so excited. I bought a bunch of glow stick necklaces and bracelets that they can have when they turn out the lights. They were going to have a pizza party and then make ice cream sundaes. There is also another little girl that will be at the sleepover that will be in Brittany's 1st grade class. So it's nice she gets to meet someone before school starts. oldest, David is home tonight so Alan, David and I were going to go out to eat...most likely a diner since Alan has to eat soft foods because of his mouth. After that, maybe we'll come home and watch a new bootleg movie Alan picked up Skeleton Key. I heard it is really scary and has a twisted ending.

Hope the rest of your weekend is great!! Hugs!!
P.S. Added a Hugs Poem to the inspiration page ::This is a poem I have had hanging on my wall in my home for the last 10 years. ::

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Friday, August 19, 2005

Hi, Wow Friday already. Didn't do to much today except laundry. The never ending pile of course.

I aslo was able to do some updating on my website and added a page showing off my cats you can view it HERE

I also got to take a picture. I know Kathleen you wanted a peek so here it is. It's nothing spectacular. I just hung the ivy on the curtains because it blended too much with the walls and thought it would make it look nicer. I want eventually paint the living room a very pale green. I also added little lampshades to my chandelier. I like how it looks now.

Anyways... that's really all the news I have to post today. Hope you have a great Friday!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Ahhh. Finally I get a chance to blog again. Let's see Sunday was good. My sister Michelle and I went into Queens to see my grandma in the hospital. I took the girls with me. I think that really perked my grandma up. She seemed happy to see them and of course Kaylee did a little show with her favorite song now "I'm a little teapot". She's such a little ham.

Monday...hmm don't really remember what I did that day. Couldn't of been much if I can't think of it. Tuesday, I ripped apart my bedroom and gave it a good cleaning and cleaned and hung a curtains in my room and cleaned out my ionic pro air cleaner ... boy does that catch alot of stuff out of the air. As much as you can keep a room clean you would never believe the stuff this machine catches. Yuck!!

Today I ended up sleeping in a little late. I woke up at 8 in the morning with another huge headache again so I took some medicine and went back to sleep for another couple of hours. I woke up feeling much better. Alan took David to the store with him today since it was new book day and he has been working with him on Wednesdays. I got up and got dressed and then went out and watered the flowers. I can't believe how big my impatients got. There huge. Then around 1 p.m. I went to the comic book store and picked David up so that he didn't have to spend the whole day there. I decided to drive over to A.C. Moore Craft store and look around. The kids got a couple of coloring books and I picked up some school supplies that I know they are going to need. I also found some small lampshades for my chandelier in my dining room. Then I took the kids to Pizza Hut for lunch/dinner. We went home and put the new lamp shades on they really do make the chandelier look so much nicer. I also got hung some ivy on my valances in the dining room as well. It came out nice. After....guess I was on a roll, I decided to rip apart Brittany's room and give it a really good cleaning....getting rid of some old toys and stuffed animals. Sometimes there is just too much. Now it's all nice and tidy again. I finally called it a night since it was going on 11:15 p.m. so I just took a shower and I am relaxing in bed watching Everyone Loves Raymond. I am so exhausted so guess I'll get going and catch some sleep since I now have a ton of laundry to do in the morning.

Hope your having a great week!! Hugs!!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Kingda Ka -- New Jersey

This is that new roller coaster that is in Great Adventure, NJ. It is now the largest and fastest roller coaster on earth!! No way was I going on that one and I love roller coasters....well it didn't help that they kept closing it down for malfuctions. Look how big it is compared to the roller coaster Rolling Thunder on the right. It makes that roller coaster look like a little hill and it's not!! This roller coaster is 456 feet tall and shoots you out going from 0-128 mph in 3 seconds!! Anyone want a ride??

David went out with my sister Lisa and his cousin Ashley to Jones Beach. I'm sure it will be crowded today since it is so hot and humid. A great day for the beach or the pool.

Anyways, nothing too much else going on. I think today will be one of those quite days. Tonight we were thinking about going out to dinner to Spare Rib or ordering in from Vincent's Italian resturant.

Have a great Saturday!!

Friday, August 12, 2005

Good Morning. I am actually up right now and it's 4:43 am!! I went to bed so early last night because I had a horrible headache and I woke up and now can't fall back to sleep. Alan is still at work at UPS. So I'm just sitting here in the dark in bed on my laptop watching the news. Hopefully I will be able to go back to sleep soon. I figured I'd might as well blog.

The past few weeks has been crazy. I attended funerals for two straight weeks. Then last weekend Alan and I got away for from Friday - Sunday in New Jersey. We went to Great Adventure. We had a nice time and it's nice to spend some time alone together.

As for this week, I did alot of catching up on cleaning. Yesterday I ripped apart my kitchen and living room gave them a good cleaning. I also spent some time working in the yard. We got a new landscaper to maintain our property. So far so good. I am only having them mow this time and just maintain the flower beds and edging. I decided to save some money and do the chemicals myself. So I went to Home Depot and got a drop spreader and put chemicals down. I just couldn't see giving $42 to them to do it when I could do it in 15 minutes and only pay $11 for the same thing. I am still at odds with my other landscaper over fixing my van that he damaged. He told me he would call with the insurance information and still hasn't....of course. Well I am now going to report him to consumer affairs and hopefully there will be some resolution. If not, small claims court here I come. I have never sued anyone before and it is not something I really want to do but I am not going to let him get away with the damage his employees have done.

I can't believe the kids are all going back to school in just a few short weeks. They start the day after labor day. With everyone in school I will actually have about 3 hours to myself every day!! Wow!! I'm not used to that. I am used to at least having Kaylee with me.

Well Alan just got home from work. He's home a little early. He usually works till 5am. I still don't know how he does it working all day long at the store and then all night long at UPS. Well guess I better get back to sleep or at least try.

Saturday, August 6, 2005

Good Morning! Well I am in New Jersey. We got here yesterday at the Best Western off exit 5 of the NJ turnpike. The weather yesterday was so darn hot!!! We attempted to go to Great Adventure yesterday but I had a very hard time handling the heat with my asthma. I got dizzy and shakey and felt like passing out after walking around for just a few hours. Alan said lets leave since I felt so bad. I felt bad because I didn't want to ruin his fun too. He said leaving would be better than a trip to the hospital so I had to agree. We came back to the hotel and relaxed and then went to Cracker Barrel for dinner. I love Cracker Barrel and there is none by our home in Long Island.

Right now, I am just waiting for Alan to finish up and then we are going to get breakfast and then go back to Great Adventure. The weather today is much better only 86 degrees and lower humidity compared to yesterday at 100 degrees and very humid. So I will see how I do today. I hope we have a much better time. I'm trying to get Alan on Kingda Ka the new roller coaster. It is huge. It just opened yesterday! I will put pictures up when I get back home.

Have a great weekend!! Hugs!!


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