Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Hello. Happy 5th Birthday to my little one Kaylee Rose!! Here she is on her new bike from Nana and Pop-Pop.

We are having my cousins and my mom over later this afternoon for lunch and cake to celebrate here birthday. Alan unfortunately has to work all day and since David my sister and niece are away we will celebrate Sunday when they get home since it is my sisters birthday as well on Thursday Sept. 1st. Busy, busy!! LOL.

Yesterday, I got up early and got my hair cut. It really needed it. I always feel so good after it's cut. Then went with my mom to Target to get a doll for Kaylee for her birthday tomorrow. She loves baby dolls. Then we went to Dollar Tree. I always like checking that store out once in a while. Sometimes there is stuff I really like for a $1. I love the IBC rootbeer so I picked up 6 bottles. We had to leave quickly because the store was having trouble with their fire alarm going off and god was it ever so loud. It was that piercing sound. I felt bad for the people who work there since they couldn't figure how to get it to shut off and the fire department who showed up couldn't either.

Please keep my uncle and his family in your prayers, we just found out he has a brain tumor today that is 3 inches big around in the front part of his brain. We are hoping it is something that will be able to be removed. I can only hope and pray that everything will turn out good. Hopefully we'll know more by tomorrow.

I got some pics that my sister sent to me from her camera phone of my son David and my niece Ashley in Florida. They are really having a blast. Yesterday they got to swim with the dolphins at Discovery Cove. Today they are at SeaWorld and will probably be going to Universal later on tonight for a bit since they have a 4 day pass there.

Well have a great day!! Hugs!!

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