Sunday, August 28, 2005

Hello All!

Yesterday, David along with my sister Lisa and neice Ashley left for Orlando, Florida for their vacation. We took them to JFK airport. They were flying JetBlue. I love that airline. They are staying at the Nick hotel. We stayed there once before and loved it. There is so much to do and it is close to everything. Today they are just going to hang out by the pool and then go to Downtown Disney this evening. I was very happy that hurricane Katrina wasn't going to hit Florida again especially since they were going to be there. I do feel so terrible for all the people in New Orleans. I can only pray that everyone down there will be ok and that everyone is able to evacuate especially those unable to travel. It looks to be a very dangerous storm. They say that they could be under 20 feet of water when Katrina hits. Very scary.

Today I am home and doing laundry. I am just trying to go through all the kids clothes and see what doesn't fit anymore and get their closets straighted out. Later on this afternoon, we are going over to my parents house and they are taking Kaylee out to Toys R Us to pick out a bike for her 5th birthday. She's going to love it!! I can't believe Kaylee will be 5 on Wednesday.
Well hope the rest of you're weekend is great!! Hugs!!

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