Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Hello. Hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far.

Today Alan went in and had his root canal done. He was pretty misrable when he got home. I know the first day you get work done like that it hurts pretty good. Later on, Alan and I drove into Queens with my minivan to meet my dad and uncle in picking up a oak roll top desk my aunt was getting rid of but was still is excellent condition. We drove it back to my parents home on Long Island and ending up having dinner with them since my mom was making a roast. Poor Alan all he could eat was mashed potatoes and some steamed broccoli. I remember being in the same position last year with my oral surgery. All I could eat for a week was mashed potatoes and Carvel soft icecream. So I know how bad he feels. On the way home from my parents house we picked up his prescriptions for his pain medication and antibiotic and then ran to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things. When we got home he took his medicine and is now out cold.

I have to get David together and packed since he is leaving this Saturday for a trip to Orlando with my sister Lisa and my neice Ashley for a week. He is really looking forward to it. It's really the first time he will be away from us like that. I'm used to him going to my mom and dad's for sleepovers but not so far away and for a whole week. I'll miss him. While David is away, Kaylee my youngest is turning 5 years old on August 31st. I can't believe it. I also can't believe how far she has come and the obstacles she has overcome with being born with congenital heart disease. She has had two open heart surgeries and is now doing amazing. You would never know unless you saw her scars which I am hoping will fade a lot as she gets older.

Oh and I have some great news! My cousin Ronnie who is over in Iraq since February is finally getting his leave to come home for two weeks. Everyone is so happy and his sister Kathy will be having a big welcome home party for him on Sept. 17th. We can't wait! I sure it will be a much needed break that he needs.

Well I am off to bed to catch some zzz's of my own. Tomorrow I want to take the girls out to do a little shopping for school and get David's haircut.


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