Thursday, August 25, 2005

Howdy on this sunny Thursday.

Alan is still a little sore from his root canal but he is doing much better and his mood is much better too.

Yesterday the girls and I picked David up at Alan's store and then stopped by my parents house for a few minutes to pick up an envelope they had for me. Then we went to Target and did a little school supply shopping. Wow...I'm not used to buying for all three. Unfortunately, they didn't have too much and their selection was kinda stinky so we ended up going to Office Max for the rest of the supplies they needed. I think we got everything but some colored composition notebooks but my sister Michelle is a manager in Stop and Shop so she said to wait because they are supposed to go on sale in her store. After we left there we went to the bakery to pick up some italian bread and then went to King Kullen to do some quick shopping for dinner. I decided to make ziti since it is something soft for Alan to chew.

When I got home, I called my sister Lisa who is taking my son to Florida on Saturday night for a week. I had heard on the weather channel that there is a hurricane Katrina that is supposed to hit Florida and I wanted to warn her to make sure she had purchased insurance through the travel agent just in case. What a bummer. I sure hope it doesn't screw up their plans at all. If anything their flight may be delayed. I just hope it all blows out before they have to leave.

Well right now I am listening to the lanscapers outside buzzing around the house. They do 3 houses on this block so they are here for a while. I have to get moving. David was supposed to get his hair cut yesterday but I never made it over to the barber early enough. Hopefully Alan will take hime today before going to work. I really want to get into Kaylee's room and rip it apart plus I have a ton of laundry to do ... as usual. It never ends.

Hope you all have a great day!!

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