Saturday, August 13, 2005

Kingda Ka -- New Jersey

This is that new roller coaster that is in Great Adventure, NJ. It is now the largest and fastest roller coaster on earth!! No way was I going on that one and I love roller coasters....well it didn't help that they kept closing it down for malfuctions. Look how big it is compared to the roller coaster Rolling Thunder on the right. It makes that roller coaster look like a little hill and it's not!! This roller coaster is 456 feet tall and shoots you out going from 0-128 mph in 3 seconds!! Anyone want a ride??

David went out with my sister Lisa and his cousin Ashley to Jones Beach. I'm sure it will be crowded today since it is so hot and humid. A great day for the beach or the pool.

Anyways, nothing too much else going on. I think today will be one of those quite days. Tonight we were thinking about going out to dinner to Spare Rib or ordering in from Vincent's Italian resturant.

Have a great Saturday!!

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