Friday, September 9, 2005

Good Morning on this wonderful Friday morning.

Got some pictures from my sister Lisa from their trip to Florida's Discovery Cove with my son David and my niece Ashley. The one with the dolphin is my favorite. I've got to get out and get a frame for that one!

School is going well for the kids. Everyone, including myself seems to be a little better getting used to the schedule change and getting up very early again.

We are all waiting and excited that Ronnie should be on his way home today from Iraq!! I wish it was for good. At least he will get to spend some time for 2 weeks with his family who miss him terribly. He will be leaving and traveling first to Kuwait, then Germany, then Altanta, and then Long Island's McAurthur Airport. He is due to arrive on Long Island either Sunday or Monday depending on the standby tickets that he is given from the airlines. It's a long trip. We all want to greet him at the airport when he arrives! Hopefully he comes in early so we can all do that. If he comes in the middle of the night it will be harder.

Brittany has the dentist tonight. It seems that a small cavity she had filled last year....her first one mind you the dentist didn't fill properly. Well last week we went to a new dentist to have her checkup and x-rays it seems the tooth still had the cavity in it. It seems that the other dentist didn't drill enough of the cavity out and then put a filling on top. Well now the poor thing needs a small root canal. I am so not happy about this. She has to be shot up with novicane and I know she isn't going to like it one bit. The dentist told me to sit in the chair and she will sit in my lap so I can help keep her calm and not move. I feel very comfortable with this dentist. She is very sweet and all here equipment is state of the art. She also just did 4 porcelain veneers on my husbands top front teeth earlier this week and they look great. He was thrilled to say the least. We are going today at 5:00 p.m. so hopefully she isn't in too much pain aftewards which is also why I did it on a Friday so that she had time to feel better and not miss any school.

Well got to start getting Kaylee ready for her kindergarden class at 12:45 so I will talk to you soon!!


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