Friday, September 2, 2005

Hello Everyone... It's Friday again!! That means my son will be home tomorrow night. I really miss him!!

Yesterday was also my sister Lisa's Birthday she turned 33!! Lisa, David and Ashley are still having a blast in Florida. Yesterday, they went to Islands of Adventure another Universal theme park. David told me he got a tattoo of a dragon. He was trying to make me believe that it was a real one. Like I'd believe that. LOL. He said they had lots of fun on the water rides today and were soaked by the time they left.

Got some news on my uncle. It's not looking good. I was told that the tumor is malignant and inoperable. They are going to start him on steroids to try and shrink it to buy some time I guess. I feel so bad and wish there was something I could do. I just pray he does not suffer and that God gives him and his family the strength they need right now to get through this.

Other than that, I've just been watching the news. The stories I've seen are so sad. It's horrible what they are going through especially when only 2 hours away is food, electric and plumbing. I don't understand why they can't get truckloads of water and food to these people. They are just dying out there.

Then on Long Island at an amusement park called Adventureland they had two deaths this week. One was an 18 year old who was operating a kiddy coaster he fell onto the tracks and was run over....still trying to figure out how that happened. Then today a 45 year old woman was on a ride called Top Scan and was thrown out of her seat 20 feet into the air over a retaining wall into the adjacent parking lot onto a car....see picture below and imagine falling out of that!! Yikes... I've been to this park before and I just can't believe what happened. I surely will not be visiting for a while.

I also can't believe what I paid today for a tank of gas for my minivan. It was $75.60 for 21.6 gallons!! It was $3.50 a gallon. I better start learning how to walk when I can. I don't usually go too far but it really makes you not want to waste the gas you have at those prices. They are saying by the weekend we will be paying up to $4.00 a gallon. People are getting to gas stations only to find that regular gas is sold out and end up having to pay for premium gas at $4.59 a gallon. How nuts!!


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