Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Well blogging has sure gotten away from me lately. I just have had not much time for myself since school started. We're reading, doing homework and projects for school and now it's for all three of them. David carries so many books in 7th grade his backpack weighs about 50 lbs.

Well the weekend was very nice. We had the party for Ronnie on Saturday. It was a hit. We all had such a great time and it was great that we were all able to get together to see him. I have some pictures I took. >>Click Here<<

On Sunday, we had an unveiling of the tombstone for Alan's uncle who passed away last year. It was done so nicely. I can't believe that a year has come and gone so quickly. After the cemetery, we went back to Alan's Aunt's house to have lunch. It was nice seeing everyone again. We don't get to see Alan's family as much. His side of the family is alot smaller than mine. There are so many aunts and uncles and many, many cousins. I believe ones I haven't even met. It's nice though having a big family. We are always there for each other and I love that.

Monday, I got the kids off to school and then had to run with my mom to the church to sign David and Brittany up for religious education. David is in the 7th grade so he will be making his confirmation this May and Brittany is in 1st grade so this is her first time going to school. They don't start till October though.

Yesterday, Alan was off from the store so after we got the kids off to school, Alan me and my sister Michelle went out to breakfast at IHOP. Then we had some time before having to go and start picking everyone up from school, so we went to Best Buy to look around. Alan wanted to get the Lost boxset from season 1 and Michelle wanted to look at vacuums. She ended up finding one that she liked. Later on when we got home, Alan and David went out and played basketball and football at the park. When the got home I ran out to Weight Watchers to weigh in and then ran and did some foodshopping at Waldbaums.

Today, I hope it will be quiet and hopefully I can get some cleaning done. Can't believe tomorrow is the fist day of fall.
Hope everyone has a geat day!! HUGS!!

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