Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Well I am back from Orlando, Florida. I know I wasn't able to post before I left but we were supposed to go to Palm Coast, Florida to visit my husbands aunt but the day before we were to leave she had called and asked us not to come. She was acting very weird. We were really upset because we were going to help her since she was just home from the hospital and had said she would like someone there for her. We were also upset because we had non-refundable tickets and only bought them because she told us to come. Anyways...Alan and I decided since we had the tickets already we would just go to Florida anyways and stay at the Universal Doubletree hotel and enjoy the weekend. We were a little nervous with the hurricane coming but were just hoping for the best.

We got to Orlando on Saturday morning checked into the hotel and went to a TNA wrestling meet and greet which my husband just loved since he is so into wrestling. He got to meet the wrestlers and get autographs. Saturday night we were tired so we just stayed in and relaxed and fell asleep early. Sunday we went to Universal Studios. We had a great time. The new Mummy ride was awsome. They were building that the last time we were there. We left the park at 4:oo and came back to the hotel to change and get ready for the TNA Wrestling Pay-Per-View which was being brodcasted from Universal and we picked up tickets for. I am not really into wrestling but I enjoyed going to the live event. Alot of the wrestlers were staying in the hotel we were in and my husband was so excited about passing them by in the hallways or seeing them in the hotel resturants. Monday, was the day of the hurricane which blew in around 5 am. It rained hard and was very windy. Most of the hurricane damage was in southern Florida so we were lucky to be in central Florida at the time. The storm blew through very quickly and the sun was back out shinning around noon. The theme parks closed for the day but City Walk at Universal opened at 5 p.m. so Alan and I headed down there and caught a movie "Doom" it was a gory movie...alot of action. Then we walked around for a while and went into some of the shops. My nephew loves Nascar so I went looking in the Nascar Cafe for some Jeff Gordon stuff for him. Then we decided to go over to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. It was pretty crowded but dinner was great! Tuesday was the busiest day for us. We got up at 6:00 am and packed up all our stuff and then went to Cracker Barel for breakfast. We went back to the hotel and checked out and had them hold our luggage so that we could go to the theme parks again since we didn't have to be to the airport till 4:30. We went to Island of Adventures and walked around and did the rides we love. It wasn't really too busy at all and were done with the park within an hour and a half. We have also been there so many times before so since we had the park hopper pass we went back next door to Univeral and went to the things we missed on Sunday. We finally also got to see the Fear Factor Live show. Watching someone dring a bug shake....ewww. I could never do that. Around 3:30 we started walking to the shuttle to get back to the hotel and got a car to take us to the airport. Our flight was ontime and we actually made great time getting home...a good tail wind. My sister picked us up at the airport and we were home by 10:30 p.m. The girls were of course alreay sleeping. It was good to be back home. My mom was so great staying with the kids and getting them to school while Alan and I were gone. She said they were good for her. She even went and bought and hung new blinds in Brittany's room which was a very nice surprise.

Today I am getting back into the swing of things again. I also took lots of pictures so I will try and get them up for you to see very soon.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Hello...Well the sun is finally shining again...Yay!! I love the rain but 9 days of it straight and heavy was just crazy! I feel so sorry for alot of people here on Long Island who had there homes flooded and have no flood insurance. I know you would think ... you live on an island...surrounded by water and no flood insurance...what can I say.

Anyways...I have been busy all week ... just trying to do some cleaning, laundry, running around with the kids ... it just never ends... all this so I can go away with a clean conscious. I went today to Toyota because my headlight on my 2004 Sienna which is one of those High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights kept going out...mind you it all started with the rain. Well when I get to the dealership to have it serviced what do you know ... it decides to work again. I am very happy it's working...I found out that those lights are very expensive to replace and would of cost $275. Yup!! $275!! I almost had a heart attack. So now you know how happy I was when it turned back on. I think something must of got wet form all the rain. I had the car in my driveway all week because we had the garage filled with pool stuff. We will clean that up when I get back from Florida. Then after the dealership I went to get my hair cut and went out with my mom to breakfast to IHOP afterwards I gave my mother a dry run on the route to the schools for the kids since she will be taking care of them while Alan and I are away. Alan and I also spent the rest of the day covering the pool and putting away most of the summer things. I am so freaking tired.. I have so much to do and not enough hours or energy left to do anything.... I know .... as my mom says it will all be here when I get back so why get my self crazy about it all.Crazy

Then Wednesday (tomorrow), I have to get David and Brittany off to school then I have a doctor's appointment for my flu shot at 10. Then I have to get Kaylee ready and take her to school. I volunteered to go on the kindergarten class trip with them to the pumpkin farm ... which by the way is right near me. So me and the rest of the class and moms will be walking to it and back along with our wagons. Then David has his homework club after school. Then I go and pick everyone up at 3:15 and get Brittany off to religion at 4:30 then I pick her up at 5:30 and go home wait till 6:45 and then go back to the church for David's religion class then go home and come back again at 8:00 p.m. After I get home I have to make sure all the homework is done for the next day and I have to help Brittany pick out a nice outfit for school picture day. Also at some point Verizon is coming to disconnet my phone service with them since I am switching to Optimum Voice. God just writing it all down makes me want to run and hide under a rock and not come out till the end of the day.

Thursday I guess is my day to get myself packed and ready for our trip on Friday to Palm Coast, FL. In between all of the normal running around to school, I have the Optimum Voice people coming to install my new phone line. Oh which reminds me I have to write that down and send in the new phone number to the school....and everyone else for that fact....I just keep adding to my list. I think I just have to calm down and relax... I was even having hear palputations ... another thing I have to have checked.... my MVP (mitral valve prolapse) . It gets me nervous. I'm sure all the stress doesn't help.

On a good note though in the midst of everything sister Lisa called and said she had read my letter/e-mail and in the message she apologized for what happened. It made me very happy. I do miss her. We talked all the time and really things have been so crazy. She said that she would like to get together with me and go out to lunch and talk one day. I will definitely take her up on that when I get back from Florida. I have to remember to call her during the day at some point so she doesn't think I am ignoring her. I have just been so busy!! LOL.

Well...I have to go and do some straightening and getting ready for tomorrow. Have a great day!! Hugs!!

Friday, October 14, 2005

RainyHello. Yes it's still raining!!! Ugh....It has been 8 straight days of this heavy non-stop rain!! Though I am looking forward to the weekend when the sunSun 3 is supposed to come back out again. I would like to take the kids to pick out a pumpkin for Halloween. Usually we go out to eastern Long Island but with all the rain we had this week the farms are going to be so muddy and it's just not worth it. I was thinking of going to Hicks Nurseries. It's a place near me that sells pumpkins, has a story walk through about Otto the ghost, wagon rides, animals, etc. I think that would be good for this year.

After school I am picking up the kids and going to my parents house. David had asked my Dad if he wanted to go to a movie ... a golf movie... The Greatest Game Ever Played. So they are going tonight at 6:20 p.m. Hopefully it's a good movie.

And that is really about all the excitement going on around here....which by the way is fine with me!

Have a great weekend!! Hugs!!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Hello. I can't believe it another rainy day here on Long Island. It has been raining non-stop since Friday. There are a lot of Long Islander's who are flooded as well. Actually, it's the whole tri-state area that this is happening to. I can't ever remember having rain and heavy down pours like this for a straight week before without a glimpse of the sun. It is strange. I was supposed to cover my pool a week ago but it's not an option in this weather and that is something I have to get done a.s.a.p. The pool is about to overflow at the moment too and they said that tonight into tomorrow is supposed to heavy down pours. This weather just gets you feeling so blah. The kids are also off from school today because of Yom Kippur (Jewish holiday). They go back to school tomorrow. It was nice not to have to run around today in the rain.

Yesterday David and Brittany were feeling much better. They also had religious education after school my mom lives closer to the church so after school we just went there. It beats going back and forth in the traffic that's for sure especially since it's during rush hour. David is doing a couple of things towards his community service. He is sewing together tote bags to fill with books for sick children in the hospital. He will also be doing a leaf rake with the boyscouts. We still have to find a few more things to do.

Last night when I got home I was just exhausted and talked to my sister Michelle for a little bit. I had gotten a letter from my other sister the day before and was shocked at the things she had to say Sad. I did see her at my parents house when she came to pick up her daughter who I also took to and from religion, but frankly I was still too steamed to say anything to her so I figured it would be better to say nothing at all. I have written a response to her and I don't know if I should send it or not to even bother Not Sure Let's put it this way I am very honest in it. I still love her but what she has done is just wrong. I hope we can eventually resolve things because it really affects how I feel too.

I also missed watching Lost last night, but I DVR'd it so I will try and watch it today. My husband is so hooked on that show.

As for today, I am just planning on staying in and catching up on laundrylaundry, some housecleaningCleaning, and I want to make a nice pan of lasanga for dinner. I wan't to make sure the house is together before Alan and I leave next Friday to flyfly Florida to visit Alan's Aunt Blanche who is not well. So today is a great day to start doing all of that.

Have a wonderful day. Hugs!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Good Morning!! Another rainy day. It's also back-to-school after the 3 day weekend....or so I thought.

David woke up not feeling well and vomiting...guess he may of gotten a bug or something just did not agree with him. His throat is bothering him too. Brittany woke up with the same thing. I was running upstairs for Brittany and then downstairs to be with David. Maybe he caught something from me since I've been sick for the last few days....though I am actually feeling much better now. I hope Kaylee is ok. She hasn't gotten up or complained of anything yet??

Yesterday, Brittany had another birthday party for a 1st grade classmate of hers. It was in the girls home and they did their hair and nails and makeup ..... Brittany loved it!! Then my mom stopped by because she had picked up shoes for Kaylee when she was in the Disney store to go with her snow white costume. Unfortunately they did not fit so well have to take Kaylee back and see if they have them in her size. Then we all went out stopping off to get David's hair cut. They had a new barber and I really didn't like how he cut David's hair. I'll have to remember that for next time. He gets a buzz cut so in a couple of weeks we'll be back again anyways. Then we went to the party store to get some decorations for Halloween. We got some of the window clings since the kids love to decorate the front door.

So that's about it for now. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!
Here's my
Week of October 10, 2005

1. If you could only have one piece of jewelry, what would it be? (Other than your wedding ring) The diamond heart my mom gave me.

2. Do you prefer gold or silver? I like gold but I have started to wear some silver.

3. Do you wear a wedding band, or diamond and wedding band? I have a diamond wedding band with my engagement ring on the same finger.

4. Are your ears pierced? How old were you went you got them pierced? I did get my ears pierced when I was 5 or 6 years old but when I was 18 (1988) I went on a ride at great adventure (Free Fall) I was wearing earrings and the pressure going down made my earring tear through my earlobe and I needed plastic surgery to repair it. I tried to pierce my ears again when I got married in 1991 but for some reason that ear was never the same. I kept getting infections so now I just wear clip-ons.

5. Are diamonds a girlÂ’s best friend? I cherish the ones I have.

6. Do you wear a watch all the time? Yes. I feel so lost when I don't

7. Is there some piece of jewelry that you have dreamed of having? Actually no.

8. If you opened a treasure chest, would you prefer diamonds, rubies or gold?, why? Rubies would be nice since I don't have any.

9. Do you wear earrings all the time, occasionally, or never? Almost all the time.

10. What is the most expensive piece of jewelry you own? (Other than your wedding ring) Either the diamond heart my mom gave me or the diamond tennis bracelet Alan gave me.

BONUS QUESTION:If you inherited a fancy diamond tiara, would you wear it? Probably not.


Sunday, October 9, 2005

Hello on this rainy morning here on Long Island.

I am still sick.. Yuck!! My head hurts, I'm so stuffed up...and I just feel horrible. Thank goodness the kids are off tomorrow too.

Alan's aunt Blanche who is like 85 and lives in Palm Coast, FL fell and hurt herself a couple of weeks ago and was in the hospital after having surgery. Well she is back home now and we are like the only family she has...terrible when you live so far away. Alan spent an hour and a half talking to her Friday and she really was hoping we could come and see her. When Alan got off the phone, we talked about it and I told him I would look into getting tickets....well that's what I did yesterday and I found a great deal for $49 each way so I booked it. We are going from Fri, Oct. 21-25th. My mom said she would stay with the kids and make sure they get to school. Well we called his aunt Blanche last night to tell her and she was just so happy. I'm happy we could go and help her out, I know it will mean alot to her.

Today Brittany has a birthday party to go to also for one of her 1st grade is at an outdoor amusement park. I don't know if I am going to send her or not since the weather is so bad and I feel so crummy. She also has another birthday party for another classmate tomorrow. My 6 year old has a very busy schedule huh. LOL.

I aslo was looking into other telephone options. I have Verizon and pay about $80-$100 a month which is just crazy. I was looking into a service my cablevision company offers Optimum Voice it is $34.95 a month and I can call anywhere in the US and talk unlimited and they have alot of the same features I have already. The only thing I was worried about was if the power went out I would have no service but they now have battery back up wires that will hold a charge in case of a power outage. So I signed up and they will be installing that after I get back from Florida. So I guess I will have a new phone number too.

Well I hope you all have a great day!!


Friday, October 7, 2005

Good Morning!

Sniffle...Sniffle...a--choo!! Yup I feel horrible. It hit me in the middle of the night. I woke up with a burning sore throat, ear ache and a stuffy nose. Of course I don't get the day off because I'm sick. I still had to get up and get the kids off to school but I think I will just veg out on the couch and rest and maybe do a little laundry and maybe have a little of that homemade chicken soup I made. Alan is home later in the day so he can get the kids from school later on and it's also a three day weekend because of Columbus Day. I was hoping to take the kids pumpkin picking but maybe that will have to wait. They are off again on Thursday for Yum Kippur.

My mom is also going into the hospital this morning to have what the doctor thinks might be a melanoma spot removed from her arm. She has had skin cancer before on her face years ago, so it is better to be cautious and have it removed. I hope it is nothing though.

As for my uncle nothing else new to report. He is staying in a long term unit at Long Island Jewish Hospital. It's more of a hospice unit. It would be to hard for my aunt to take him home again.

Let's see what else happened this week. Oh the kids started religious education (CCD) again at our church Maria Regina. David is in 7th so he will be making his confirmation in May. He has a project to do to make his confirmation 10 hours of community service. We are trying to figure out what to do. Brittany started too. This is her first year and then Kaylee will start next year. We also had a really nice time at the street fair over the weekend. I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted to but here are a couple of my favorites.

Oh and Ronnie posted a message in his guestbook. Looks like he arrived safely back in Iraq again. At least when he comes home next time it will be for good.

Well that's about all. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Big Hugs!!

Sunday, October 2, 2005


Well not alot going on which is a good thing I suppose. Things are still the same with my sister. Though she was also in a fender bender this week. She even called me last night. I was out though and didn't get back till late so I didn't call her back. I'm not even sure I'd know what to say at this point. I am still very angry and hurt by what she has done. I love her to death but I just don't know what to say or do.

Today we are going to my moms. They are having the annual Italian Feast just down the block from my mom on Broadway in Massapequa. (Yes that is the same town that Joey Buttafucco is from the whole Amy Fisher thing from years ago.) Anyways...they have this fair every year and it is a hoot to go to. The kids have so much fun and I enjoy looking at all the crafty things. I am meeting my mom and Aunt MaryAnn in an hour to go. I'll try and take some pictures.

Well hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!! Big Hugs!!


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