Sunday, October 9, 2005

Hello on this rainy morning here on Long Island.

I am still sick.. Yuck!! My head hurts, I'm so stuffed up...and I just feel horrible. Thank goodness the kids are off tomorrow too.

Alan's aunt Blanche who is like 85 and lives in Palm Coast, FL fell and hurt herself a couple of weeks ago and was in the hospital after having surgery. Well she is back home now and we are like the only family she has...terrible when you live so far away. Alan spent an hour and a half talking to her Friday and she really was hoping we could come and see her. When Alan got off the phone, we talked about it and I told him I would look into getting tickets....well that's what I did yesterday and I found a great deal for $49 each way so I booked it. We are going from Fri, Oct. 21-25th. My mom said she would stay with the kids and make sure they get to school. Well we called his aunt Blanche last night to tell her and she was just so happy. I'm happy we could go and help her out, I know it will mean alot to her.

Today Brittany has a birthday party to go to also for one of her 1st grade is at an outdoor amusement park. I don't know if I am going to send her or not since the weather is so bad and I feel so crummy. She also has another birthday party for another classmate tomorrow. My 6 year old has a very busy schedule huh. LOL.

I aslo was looking into other telephone options. I have Verizon and pay about $80-$100 a month which is just crazy. I was looking into a service my cablevision company offers Optimum Voice it is $34.95 a month and I can call anywhere in the US and talk unlimited and they have alot of the same features I have already. The only thing I was worried about was if the power went out I would have no service but they now have battery back up wires that will hold a charge in case of a power outage. So I signed up and they will be installing that after I get back from Florida. So I guess I will have a new phone number too.

Well I hope you all have a great day!!


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