Thursday, October 13, 2005

Hello. I can't believe it another rainy day here on Long Island. It has been raining non-stop since Friday. There are a lot of Long Islander's who are flooded as well. Actually, it's the whole tri-state area that this is happening to. I can't ever remember having rain and heavy down pours like this for a straight week before without a glimpse of the sun. It is strange. I was supposed to cover my pool a week ago but it's not an option in this weather and that is something I have to get done a.s.a.p. The pool is about to overflow at the moment too and they said that tonight into tomorrow is supposed to heavy down pours. This weather just gets you feeling so blah. The kids are also off from school today because of Yom Kippur (Jewish holiday). They go back to school tomorrow. It was nice not to have to run around today in the rain.

Yesterday David and Brittany were feeling much better. They also had religious education after school my mom lives closer to the church so after school we just went there. It beats going back and forth in the traffic that's for sure especially since it's during rush hour. David is doing a couple of things towards his community service. He is sewing together tote bags to fill with books for sick children in the hospital. He will also be doing a leaf rake with the boyscouts. We still have to find a few more things to do.

Last night when I got home I was just exhausted and talked to my sister Michelle for a little bit. I had gotten a letter from my other sister the day before and was shocked at the things she had to say Sad. I did see her at my parents house when she came to pick up her daughter who I also took to and from religion, but frankly I was still too steamed to say anything to her so I figured it would be better to say nothing at all. I have written a response to her and I don't know if I should send it or not to even bother Not Sure Let's put it this way I am very honest in it. I still love her but what she has done is just wrong. I hope we can eventually resolve things because it really affects how I feel too.

I also missed watching Lost last night, but I DVR'd it so I will try and watch it today. My husband is so hooked on that show.

As for today, I am just planning on staying in and catching up on laundrylaundry, some housecleaningCleaning, and I want to make a nice pan of lasanga for dinner. I wan't to make sure the house is together before Alan and I leave next Friday to flyfly Florida to visit Alan's Aunt Blanche who is not well. So today is a great day to start doing all of that.

Have a wonderful day. Hugs!!

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