Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Hello...Well the sun is finally shining again...Yay!! I love the rain but 9 days of it straight and heavy was just crazy! I feel so sorry for alot of people here on Long Island who had there homes flooded and have no flood insurance. I know you would think ... you live on an island...surrounded by water and no flood insurance...what can I say.

Anyways...I have been busy all week ... just trying to do some cleaning, laundry, running around with the kids ... it just never ends... all this so I can go away with a clean conscious. I went today to Toyota because my headlight on my 2004 Sienna which is one of those High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights kept going out...mind you it all started with the rain. Well when I get to the dealership to have it serviced what do you know ... it decides to work again. I am very happy it's working...I found out that those lights are very expensive to replace and would of cost $275. Yup!! $275!! I almost had a heart attack. So now you know how happy I was when it turned back on. I think something must of got wet form all the rain. I had the car in my driveway all week because we had the garage filled with pool stuff. We will clean that up when I get back from Florida. Then after the dealership I went to get my hair cut and went out with my mom to breakfast to IHOP afterwards I gave my mother a dry run on the route to the schools for the kids since she will be taking care of them while Alan and I are away. Alan and I also spent the rest of the day covering the pool and putting away most of the summer things. I am so freaking tired.. I have so much to do and not enough hours or energy left to do anything.... I know .... as my mom says it will all be here when I get back so why get my self crazy about it all.Crazy

Then Wednesday (tomorrow), I have to get David and Brittany off to school then I have a doctor's appointment for my flu shot at 10. Then I have to get Kaylee ready and take her to school. I volunteered to go on the kindergarten class trip with them to the pumpkin farm ... which by the way is right near me. So me and the rest of the class and moms will be walking to it and back along with our wagons. Then David has his homework club after school. Then I go and pick everyone up at 3:15 and get Brittany off to religion at 4:30 then I pick her up at 5:30 and go home wait till 6:45 and then go back to the church for David's religion class then go home and come back again at 8:00 p.m. After I get home I have to make sure all the homework is done for the next day and I have to help Brittany pick out a nice outfit for school picture day. Also at some point Verizon is coming to disconnet my phone service with them since I am switching to Optimum Voice. God just writing it all down makes me want to run and hide under a rock and not come out till the end of the day.

Thursday I guess is my day to get myself packed and ready for our trip on Friday to Palm Coast, FL. In between all of the normal running around to school, I have the Optimum Voice people coming to install my new phone line. Oh which reminds me I have to write that down and send in the new phone number to the school....and everyone else for that fact....I just keep adding to my list. I think I just have to calm down and relax... I was even having hear palputations ... another thing I have to have checked.... my MVP (mitral valve prolapse) . It gets me nervous. I'm sure all the stress doesn't help.

On a good note though in the midst of everything today....my sister Lisa called and said she had read my letter/e-mail and in the message she apologized for what happened. It made me very happy. I do miss her. We talked all the time and really things have been so crazy. She said that she would like to get together with me and go out to lunch and talk one day. I will definitely take her up on that when I get back from Florida. I have to remember to call her during the day at some point so she doesn't think I am ignoring her. I have just been so busy!! LOL.

Well...I have to go and do some straightening and getting ready for tomorrow. Have a great day!! Hugs!!

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