Saturday, November 26, 2005

Quiet Saturday

Not too much going on since my last post. The past few days have been quiet. Last night we rented the movie Christmas with the Kranks. It was one of those funny/stupid kind of movies. It was ok. Today I just spent updating the graphics on my website to from Fall to Christmas. Gosh I can't believe it is just a month away now. I haven't even started shopping yet. Yikes!!

Thanksgiving was very nice. I was a bit tired but I just made sure I rested. It was good to get out though. My mom made a wonderful Thankgsgiving day dinner.

I also want to thank those of you who posted a note for my cousin Ronnie. Hopefully he will be home soon.

Guess that's about all for now. Talk to you soon!


Thursday, November 24, 2005


Hello All. It sure is cold out. Can't believe how much the weather changed in a weeks time. Last week it was in the 60's and now it's 27 degrees out. We're even supposed to get a few flurries today. Well it's also Thanksgiving. Today I am thankful that I am feeling a bit better. The past couple of days I am breathing much better and just feeling a little more like myself. I know I have a ways to go because I still tire out quickly but I so long as each day I am doing better that is fine with me. I go back to the doctor on Nov. 30th for a follow up so hopefully I will get a good report. Thank you to all of you who have send me well wishes it really helped keep my spirits up!!

Today I am going to attempt to go out for the first time. I really want to be with my family and not home in bed. My mom and dad are having Thanksgiving at their house so we will be going there. My mom said come and sit on the couch and rest that at least I will be there with everyone and I can bring my nebulizer machine with me. They only live a few miles away so if I end up not feeling well later on, then I can have Alan drive me home. My cousin Carol and Aunt Frannie will be there along with my sister Lisa and her new boyfriend Darren and my youngest sister Michelle and her friend LeeAnne. It's all people I am very comfortable around and I wouldn't mind laying on a couch in front of.

Oh and I forgot to post about what happened with the sunburn rash. As it turns out it was the Methylprednisolone that I was taking. The doctor said that sometimes that happens. That I must not of drank enough fluids and the medication built up too much in my system causing the rash. He said to drink lots of fluids and to finish the medication since I only had one more day to take. I did that and the rash seemed to clear up by later the next day.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Big Hugs!!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Skin is Red Like A Sunburn

Well today was pretty quiet. Alan had to work and I am still in bed. I had a really bad episode last night where I coughed up such thick phlem in my throat that it got stuck and I couldn't breathe. I have to say that was one of the worst asthma attacks I have had. Not a good combo, asthma and pneumonia. So here I am hanging over the side of the bed gasping for air and Alan said my hands and nail beds were turning blue. I just motioned to him pound my back to see if it would open my airway. It started to help and finally I was able clear my throat. How scary that was and what a horrible feeling too. I don't ever want to do that. I ended up needing to take 2 nebulizer treatments to open me back up. Thank goodness I have this machine in the house or I would of been in the hospital doing it.

Then this afternoon I though I was feeling a little better. My parents stopped by on their way into Queens to see my grandma to see how I was doing and to drop off some things my mom picked up for me at BJ's yesterday. My Dad said he thought I looked better too. So when they left I just stayed in bed looked around on the computer a bit and then was watching some Lifetime movies. All of a sudden I just started to feel hot and flush again and very sleepy so I told my oldest David to keep and eye on his sisters and I was going to take a nap. I woke up at 6:30p.m. when Alan got home from work, he said I looked horrible I said I feel like I am burning up. He went and got me a drink and asked me if I wanted anything and I said no. I ended up getting up to go to the bathroom and when I passed the mirror in the bathroom I noticed my arms and neck were red like I had spent the day in the sun. Basically I looked sunburned. My arms and neck were hot when you touched them. I was about to call my mom (who is a nurse) but the phone had rang and it was her calling me. I told her what had happened and she said it was probably a reaction to the medicine I was taking and that I should make a call to the Dr. right away to see what I should do. I called my Dr. and he called right back and told me that he thought it may be a reaction to the antibiotic they gave me for the pneumonia Avelox 400mg. He told me to stop taking that right away and that he wanted me in his office by 8:15 a.m. to check me out. I swear if it's not one thing it's another. I have been really trying to be good and rest. I just want to wake up one morning and feel better. Guess I am just at that point where it's getting frustrating.

Well have to go. Were sitting here watching the NBC movie Poseidon Aventure. I have to take another nebulizer treatment and hopefully get a good nights sleep.

I'll let you know how I make out tomorrow.

Big Hugs!!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Coming Along...

Hi, Everyone. Well it was a nice sunny day...but boy was it cold. I even had to break out the kids winter coats today.

Well I am still stuck in bed. Still sick. I think the antibiotic is starting to work along with the prednisone and the breathing treatments. I just have so much congestion in my lungs it is horrible when it comes to breathing. It really tires me out very quickly. All I want to do is sleep.

Today was Kaylee's Thanksgiving pageant for her kindergarten class. I felt so bad that I wasn't able to attend. I was going to try and go but that would of just been selfish of me to do that not thinking that I could spread germs to others. So I stayed home. It was the best thing to do for everyone. Kaylee said it was ok that I didn't go. I just never missed anything at school for any of my kids before so it really bothered me; but since she was ok with it, it made me feel a little better. Alan went since he was off today. My mom also went so Kaylee was very happy. I had Alan take my camera and my mom did too. Here are some pictures. Now mind you Alan is not great at taking pictures but I am grateful I had something to see. I was still so proud of her.

After school, Alan went and picked up all the kids and my mom came back to my house. She made me a nice hot cup of tea and then when the kids got home she made them dinner and cleaned up so I didn't have to worry about it. That meant a lot to me. It was really a big help. Alan ran out because I really wanted chicken rice soup form a kosher deli by here called Ben's . Real Jewish penicillin I call it along with a nice tuna sandwich. I actually just finished the soup but my appetite is not the same so I guess I will leave the sandwich for tomorrows lunch.

My girlfriend Alison also called me asking if I would be interested in a job at Winthrop Hospital at the Tech support desk, where she works. I hope that I can get the job it would be great extra money. Which we could really use. I would only work part-time though like 10 a.m.-2 p.m. so I have to brush up my resume. I have one but it is like 10 years old. I haven't worked since 1993 just before my son was born besides our own store. I used to be a teller at a bank. Well I hope it all works out. At least I have kept up all my computer skills.

So that's about it. I have to get going I want to go and watch "Ghost Whisperer" and do a breathing treatment. I have to be in bed lying down when I do them. Last night I was so bad from it. My whole body was shaking. Alan was so nervous when he had to leave for his UPS job at 11:00 p.m. that he was going to call in to be with me. I told him I would be fine once the medicine got out of my system a bit. So he went to work and ended up calling to make sure I was ok and then ended up coming home just an hour later. I guess it's nice to know he really worries about me. Well, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Big Hugs!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Sick of being sick!!

Hello all. What a nice warm and breezy day. Now it's raining. Tomorrow it's supposed to get very cold, continue to rain and be windy and I wonder why I am sick. These changes in temps don't help. Well guess my acute asthmatic bronchitis decided to get worse. I went to the doctor today for a follow up which I knew wasn't going to be too good because I haven't been feeling too much better the past few days. I've had the chills on and off, fever, and the coughing has been nothing but horrible. The doctor decided to send me for a chest x-ray and then told me to come back after the x-ray for her to read it. Well when I got back to the office I was told I have pneumonia. I wasn't happy to hear this at all. Anyways the Dr. told me that she didn't want to have to put me in the hospital on IV antibiotics so she wanted to first try me on a stronger antibiotic at home along with prednisone, a cough medicine Tussinex which has hydrocodone in it to help ease my coughing and then using my nebulizer machine 3 times a day. All that and a lot of rest and plenty of liquids. She said that I should feel some impovement within 4 days and that if I don't or I get any worse to call her right away. I sure hope all of this helps because I cannot stand feeling so bad.

I also had the appointment for the parent/teacher conference with Brittany's 1st grade teacher but I had to cancel it and I had left a message with her to set up a phone conference. Brittany's teacher is 8 months pregnant so I don't think she needed my germs. My mom helped me today too by going and picking up the kids from school and running to the store and picking up some things I needed from the supermarket. She was going to take the kids to their religion classes tonight too but I decided to keep the kids home instead. The haven't had any absences so I figured this would be easier for everyone. I talked with David's religion teacher and she said it wasn't a problem. I was also a little worried about my mom anyways because she had to go and have a biopsy this morning on her arms for two more possible malignant melanomas . Her doctor thought that one of them looked like it was ok and the other one he thought was highly suspicious. I hope she is going to be alright. She just had one of those removed just a month ago and now another one. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Other than that, yesterday, Kaylee and I worked on making her Indian necklace out of waxed string and beads and her Indian vest for her Thanksgiving pageant on Friday. They came out really cute. I just hope that I can go to the pageant. It's only a 25 minute show but I will feel so bad if I can't be there for her. Alan is going to go and so will my mom. So I will see on Friday how I am doing.

Well I am going to go and take a nebulizer treatment and hopefully just rest in bed the rest of the night watching TV. I want to see "Freddie", "CSI: NY" and "Lost". It's supposed to be an extended episode tonight.


Sunday, November 13, 2005

Feeling a little better

Hello...Well I'm still in bed...but I am doing much better. This bronchitis really put me down. I've had it before and never felt this bad. I'm not used to just laying around in bed. The past few days have been very quite and there isn't really much to write about. Last night Alan ran out and got me Chineese food. He ran all the way to Massapequa just to get it for me to. He knows I love their rice and they make the best fried noodles ever. I just thought it was nice of him to go out of his way to do that.
I've caught up on alot of DVR shows that I had recorded. Tomorrow the kids are back to school after the three day weekend. I have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday for a re-check and then I also have a teacher conference with Brittany's 1st grade teacher the same day. She is going out on materinty leave and wants to meet with the parents before leaving. The teacher that will be taking her place is a teacher Brittany had before and liked very much. So at least it will be a good transition.

Alan is going out tonight with his friends to watch the TNA Wrestling event on PPV. He wasn't going to go because I was sick but I told him there's nothing he can do just sitting here with me and he might as well go and enjoy himself.
Well wish there was more to write about...but there's not. Anyways, hope you're all doing well.Hugs!!

Friday, November 11, 2005

Hi...I am still around just been sick for the last few days. I went to the doctor and was told I have bronchitis again. I am on antibiotic and a codine cough syrup for the evening.

Just staying in bed and trying to get better. Alan was home today and the kids were off from school so I slept in all morning and didn't actually get up till around 3:30 p.m. I never do that. Hopefully, I'm better soon and I'll be up to getting around and visiting you all soon.


Tuesday, November 8, 2005


Well gosh...I can't believe how much time has passed since I wrote last. It has been a real busy week. Tuesday evening, my uncle Russ who was diagnosed with a brain tumor only 9 weeks ago passed away. It was very sad to say the least. Thursday was the wake and then on Friday the burial at Calverton National cemetery. Then afterwards everyone went back to my moms. It was a rough day for all.

Saturday, I ended up coming down with another sore throat which is now going into my chest. Not good for my asthma. Then on Sunday night my little one Kaylee said she was not feeling to good either. Today I kept her home from school. She was pretty sleepy all day and then this evening she spiked a temp of 102. I gave her some medicine and I will have her sleep with me tonight just so I can keep a good eye on her. Poor thing. Alan was able to get his hands on the Chicken Little movie so she did enjoy watching that when she could stay awake. Hopefully she will be a little better in the morning. Thankfully there is no school because of election day.

Oh and sorry about having to add the password to my site. I really wasn't watching the site over the past few days and when I went on early today there was some x-rated stuff added to my site. I had to close it down and try to fix it. I wish I knew how it all got there. Probably some web crawler thing. Hopefully with the password on the site it helps to deter anything further. If anyone ever notices anything please let me know so I can quickly remove anything.
Have a great day!! Big Hugs!!


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