Thursday, November 24, 2005


Hello All. It sure is cold out. Can't believe how much the weather changed in a weeks time. Last week it was in the 60's and now it's 27 degrees out. We're even supposed to get a few flurries today. Well it's also Thanksgiving. Today I am thankful that I am feeling a bit better. The past couple of days I am breathing much better and just feeling a little more like myself. I know I have a ways to go because I still tire out quickly but I so long as each day I am doing better that is fine with me. I go back to the doctor on Nov. 30th for a follow up so hopefully I will get a good report. Thank you to all of you who have send me well wishes it really helped keep my spirits up!!

Today I am going to attempt to go out for the first time. I really want to be with my family and not home in bed. My mom and dad are having Thanksgiving at their house so we will be going there. My mom said come and sit on the couch and rest that at least I will be there with everyone and I can bring my nebulizer machine with me. They only live a few miles away so if I end up not feeling well later on, then I can have Alan drive me home. My cousin Carol and Aunt Frannie will be there along with my sister Lisa and her new boyfriend Darren and my youngest sister Michelle and her friend LeeAnne. It's all people I am very comfortable around and I wouldn't mind laying on a couch in front of.

Oh and I forgot to post about what happened with the sunburn rash. As it turns out it was the Methylprednisolone that I was taking. The doctor said that sometimes that happens. That I must not of drank enough fluids and the medication built up too much in my system causing the rash. He said to drink lots of fluids and to finish the medication since I only had one more day to take. I did that and the rash seemed to clear up by later the next day.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Big Hugs!!

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