Tuesday, November 8, 2005


Well gosh...I can't believe how much time has passed since I wrote last. It has been a real busy week. Tuesday evening, my uncle Russ who was diagnosed with a brain tumor only 9 weeks ago passed away. It was very sad to say the least. Thursday was the wake and then on Friday the burial at Calverton National cemetery. Then afterwards everyone went back to my moms. It was a rough day for all.

Saturday, I ended up coming down with another sore throat which is now going into my chest. Not good for my asthma. Then on Sunday night my little one Kaylee said she was not feeling to good either. Today I kept her home from school. She was pretty sleepy all day and then this evening she spiked a temp of 102. I gave her some medicine and I will have her sleep with me tonight just so I can keep a good eye on her. Poor thing. Alan was able to get his hands on the Chicken Little movie so she did enjoy watching that when she could stay awake. Hopefully she will be a little better in the morning. Thankfully there is no school because of election day.

Oh and sorry about having to add the password to my site. I really wasn't watching the site over the past few days and when I went on early today there was some x-rated stuff added to my site. I had to close it down and try to fix it. I wish I knew how it all got there. Probably some web crawler thing. Hopefully with the password on the site it helps to deter anything further. If anyone ever notices anything please let me know so I can quickly remove anything.
Have a great day!! Big Hugs!!

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