Friday, December 30, 2005

Happy 7th Birthday Brittany!

48 degrees

Well Christmas was very nice. We spent Christmas Eve at my Mom and Dad's house. We had out yummy HoneyBaked Ham. The kids were thrilled with everything Santa left for them. Alan even liked the new Apple video ipod I got him. He has been uploading songs for 4 days now. He can put something like 7500 songs in there. I was playing around with it too and told him I would probably like one for my birthday next month. It would be great to use when he is snoring away and I am trying to block him out. I love downloading books to listen to from ITunes.

Christmas Day my parents, sisters and my family went to my cousin Colleen's house. We always spend every Christmas together since I was born. She is a year and a half older than me. She had made a nice turkey dinner with all the trimmings. During dinner my kids were downstairs playing with their cousins and Kaylee had called me to come down and give her a drink. I didn't realize that my cousins husband / family were downstairs smoking in his workroom. Well unfortunalty that few seconds is all my very sensitive lungs needed to set me off again. Just when I was staring to feel like myself that had to happen. I got smoke in my lungs and it irritated my lungs all over again. I used my nebulizer right away...I have to carry it everywhere I go these days. That is how sensitive I am. It's crazy. Well...when I got home on Christmas night I ended up vomiting because I was coughing so hard. By Tuesday, I was terrible and my nebulizer wasn't doing anything to help so I had to be rushed to the pulmonary doctor and my pulmonary function test showed that my breathing was severely impaired. I was only at 70% of a 100%. I was just a smidge away from being put in the hospital for treatment. That's how blocked I was. He gave me a few treatments in the office. The doctor said that because I am getting over being so sick that just the slightest irritant set me off all over again so needless to say I am now taking 40mg of prednisone again for the next week (till I go back to the dr's next week) to try and reduce the swelling in my bronchial tubes so that I can get rid of this mucus and stop the spasms that cause these attacks I have. He also changed the inhalant in my nebulizer to Xopenex which is much stronger than what I had been taking and also Spiriva which is a medication that you inhale out of a capsule that gets crushed in this hand held thing. He said that this particular medication is usually used for people with emphysema or COPD...mind you I have never smoked. I tried it once when I was younger but that was ever it. But because I was so bad and blocked up he wanted me to take it. He said that should get me opened up again. Today I went to my general doctor and she told me to buy that Vick's waterless is the new one that you plug in. So my room smells like menthol now. She also put me on an antibiotic because I have white spots all over my throat...I thought my throat was just sore from all the coughing. So now I am back to acute bronchitis again!! What else is new. She also gave me codeine cough syrup. I hope that helps because the prednisone and nebulizer have me flying..So maybe the codeine will make me sleepy soon. I am so hyper but I can't do anything or I become so short of breath and I get a crushing chest pain and everything starts to tighten and close up. If I am not clearing up by tomorrow my pulmonary doctor wants me back in his office. Last night I spent the night up itching like crazy. I think all these medications are doing a number on me. I tell ya I am getting so freaking depressed. I was bawling in the dr's office yesterday. I just hate not being able to do anything like I used to. I can't do things with the kids. This medication better work. I just don't know how much more I can endure before I completely lose it all together which I am getting close to doing. The doctor said to just rest, rest, rest and drink lots of water. I am going to try and stay in the rest of the week so that I am able to go to my parents house to celebrate my daughter Brittany's and my neice Ashley's birthday on Sunday night. We're just going to have a little cake for them. My aunt and cousins are supposed to come over as well so that we can all celebrate a belated Christmas.

Well I am going to get running. I am going to try and attempt to go to sleep and my battery on my laptop is about to die. Just don't feel like getting the power cord.

Big Hugs!!

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