Friday, December 23, 2005

Just a Busy week!

40 degrees

Well what a week it's been. I've been either super busy or just wiped out from shopping. Which is why I haven't blogged. I am still feeling better and have lots more energy. So I would say I am back to myself again. I've been doing all my shopping this week. Yesterday I was determined to finish. I dropped the kids off to school and went and picked up my mom. We ran to HoneyBaked Ham and we got our Christmas Eve dinner. I love the Honebaked is so good. I look forward to it every year. Then we ran to Roosevelt Field Mall and did some quick shopping in there. I had to have the peppermint cremes from Williams Sonoma. I also ran to the Discovery Store to get Alan a box set he wanted and ended up finding gifts for David and my niece. Then after shopping there, we got in the car and headed off to the Broadway Mall. I had ordered a game for David that had come in so I had to pick it up. Target is also in the Mall so I was able to pick up a few more things for the kids and some stocking stuffers too. Then I ran my mom home and went and picked up the kids from school. Thursday was their last day! I am happy I need the break. I picked them up McDonald's for dinner and then went home. After the girls ate they went next door to play with their friend. So I took the time to pretty much wrap all their gifts. It worked out well. Then I went over my list. I realize I forgot a couple of more people. LOL. I called my mom and she said she would take a ride with me back out to yet another mall Sunrise Mall. So as soon as Alan got home from work off I went. I got the last few things I needed. Now I just found out Alan had picked up a few gifts for David I didn't know about. One of which I just bought last night. Oh well...I'll have to go back and return it I guess.

Now mind you I usually wouldn't wait till the week before Christmas to start shopping but I really didn't have a choice with being sick for the past month. I was lucky though, I found alot of the things that I needed to get except the Lego Viking Fortress that David wanted and is on backorder with lego till way after Christmas. That's ok though. I can get it for his birthday. As it is, he is making out way better than I thought. The girls really wanted more arts and crafts things and Bratz Babies.

I also went to Kaylee's Kindergarten class this week to make the little candy houses. They all came out so cute and it was so much fun having Mommy and Kaylee time to work on this together. I did it last year with Brittany too! We had a great time.

Today I need to just stay in and clean up the house a bit and bake some Christmas cookies. I also have some things at my mom's house that I didn't want the kids to see so I have to run by there tonight and pick it up and hide it in our garage. Chritmas Eve I am going to my parents house later in the evening and my sisters will be there too. We have our dinner and open gifts to each other. On Christmas Day at our house the kids open there presents Santa left for them, I usually make a big breakfast and then we go to my cousins house later in the day for Christmas Dinner.

So...just in case I don't get a chance to blog again before Christmas. I wish you all a Merry Christmas!! Big Hugs!!

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