Saturday, December 17, 2005

Wow...One more week till Christmas

39 degrees.

This week went by so quickly. I am feeling so much better and the past couple of days I feel more like my old self again. Yay!! Today we are going to a birthday party for my cousin's daughter. It will be nice to get out.

I still have so much shopping to do. Of course now I feel better and have to shop with all the crazy crowds. I'll have to get up early this week and get out early to beat the crowds and see what I can get done. I really didn't do to much decorating in the house as I usually would since this year we are having Christmas Eve at my mom and dad's. Alan and my mom felt that they didn't want to add the extra stress to me causing any relapses. I didn't like that idea at first but I had to accept it after all. So long as we are all together it will be great no matter who's house it is!!

I've also been cleaning and trying to catch up with the many things that I have ignored the past few weeks. I finally went through a ton of papers/mail and I am trying hard to catch up with all the laundry.

I also went to meet with Kaylee's teacher yesterday. Kaylee isn't doing to well with school. When she started I didn't really think she was school ready yet. So I wasn't surprised that the teacher said that she will most likely have to repeat kindergarten again next year. She just doesn't seem to be able to focus and she is having trouble with her speech so she is going to be tested in the school and then they will pull her out of class to help her with her speech. I do feel so bad for her. I know how hard she really tries. But if she was to move on to 1st grade she would just not be able to do it. It would be terribly hard for her. She is very small and will still blend in with the kids next year so that's ok. I guess this is the best time to do this. I also think alot of her development has to do with her slow start when she was born with the congenital heart defects. She has had 2 major open heart surgeries and it slowed her down to do things that other kids her age were doing already. She have overcome something that if it wasn't caught at the time it was she wouldn't even be here today. I know she will overcome this and if the extra time in kindergarten is what she needs that so be it.

Oh and GREAT NEWS!!... My cousin Ronnie will be done by December 29th and on his way home from Iraq for good!! We couldn't be happier. I know this was a very hard year for him being away from his family and friends.

Well I have to run and finish getting myself together since we have to be out of the house in a couple of hours. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!


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