Sunday, January 29, 2006

Quiet Weekend


Hello. Not too much going on the last few days. Friday Kaylee woke me up at 4 am and said her throat hurt her and I went and got her a glass of water thinking her throat was dry well when I got back to her room, I felt her head and she was burning up. She had 103 fever. Gosh it never ever ends around here. Never a dull moment. She was miserable all day Friday so of course I kept her home from school. Then Saturday Brittany wakes up with a fever and a stuffed up head. Again...never a dull moment. She has a fever but not as high as Kaylee's was. Kaylee is going to go to school tomorrow but I think I may keep Brittany home. The school has the if you had a fever within the last 24 hours prior to the school day you can't come.

I was supposed to go out with my friend Alison Friday but with Kaylee sick that sure didn't happen. So we rescheduled and she came over tonight. We really haven't had the chance to get together since before the holidays. I even had her Christmas present still. She came over with gifts for the kids and a gift for me for Christmas and my birthday. Funny I'm still celebrating Christmas in January. Oh well. We had a great time just sitting and talking together.

Oh I also got a great new toy. A new color laser printer. I have always wanted one and I finally picked one up at a great price. I had seen it in Best Buy for $399 but I looked around and found it online at for $299 with free shipping and then I looked to see if anyone had it in my neighborhood for that price and got it through MicroCenter for the same price of $299. It really prints beautifully. I love it! So I am going to give Alan my black laser for his computer room. I have everything networked in the house so I can still print to his room and he can print in my room whenever he needs to.

Well guess that is about it. Thank you all for you supportive comments about my B-12 situation too. I go to the doctor Monday at 2:00 p.m. so I will see what the doctor has to say and ask her why this is happening. I'll let you know what happens.

Have a great day!!


Thursday, January 26, 2006

Just a Ordinary Day


Hello All! I pretty much had the day to myself. Alan took the kids to school this morning and I stayed in all day cleaning the living room and kitchen. I really ripped things apart.

I also got a call from my doctor regarding the bloodwork I had drawn on Monday. She was pretty worried that my B-12 was extremel low. I was told this back in May and have been getting B-12 shots. For some reason they are not staying in my system. I for some reason cannot absorb the B-12 in my system which is most likely why I have been so tired lately. I don't even have to do much and I am exhausted which is really not like me at all. The doctor gave me another B-12 shot this past Monday and then she wants me back in her office to discuss this situation further and get another B-12 shot. The problem is why am I having this problem? So I will have to see. I let you know what happens. I hope it is nothing serious.

David's religion teacher called and cancelled class for tonight so I was actually happy about that. I was able to stay home and get more accomplished around the house and then go food shopping when Alan got home from work. I also got a call from the church regarding David's Confirmation interview. He has it on Feb 7th at 6 p.m. He is as ready for it as he can be. He did his report on the saint he picked - Saint Patrick - and the letter to Father Peter explaining why he should be able to receivee the sacrament of confirmation. Now David has to work a little more on his community service. So far he has helped raise money for a poor family in the church during Christmas and has sewed together tote bags that were filled with new books for sick children. I think this experience has been good for him. I hope he remembers it and continues it throughout his life.

Tonight, while out visiting my daily reads, I started reading someone to me Kat at Wings of Grace and found that she had started her own little business called Krystal Kats. She has very pretty handmade crystal jewelry and I ended up ordering the heart crystal bracelet in pink. Can't wait to get it. I love anything with hearts. Please check out her site if you haven't already --> Krystal Kats <--

Well I am going to run and catch some zzz's. Got lots of laundry waiting for me tomorrow. What else is new. LOL!!


Monday, January 23, 2006

Had A Great Birthday!



First Thank You, to Alison, Kathleen, Debi, Lori, Carola, Michelle, Colleen, and Nancy for your e-cards and/or notes to wish me a Happy Birthday!

I had a wonderful weekend. Saturday Alan and I dropped the children off at my Mom and Dad's house. Alan took me to dinner at Milleridge Inn, my favorite restaurant. It's very colonial. Their food is wonderful. I ordered a chocolate martini ...gosh that was so good. Dinner was wonderful as well. We were going to go to the movies afterwards but for some reason I was just so tired. So instead of going to the movies we decided to just go home and relax in our quiet home by ourselves!! We decided to just change and make some popcorn and watch the movie Alan had picked up "Last Holiday" I thought it was a cute movie.

Sunday Morning, we slept in a little bit and then got up and went to IHOP for a nice breakfast. We had a couple of hours so we decided to go to the Broadway Mall to look around for a bit. I went to Apricot Lane and found a Yankee Candle that I like at 50% off and I also found some cute Valentine's Day stuff for the girls. It was very nice just having the chance to be with Alan. We get so little alone time together especially with him working so much.

We then got to my Mom and Dad's house. I enjoyed the quiet time at home but I did miss the kids. They were happy to see me. They had hung a Happy Birthday sign for me and made a card for me. My Mom made an amazing dinner chicken parm or chicken without the parm and all the sides. Then we had cake. My Mom made a devils food cake with a very good marshmallow frosting ... it was so good!! The girls decorated it and did a great job.

I got alot of wonderful presents. Alan got me the new 30gb video IPod. I love it! My son got me the Issey Miyake shower gel to go with the perfume I already have. It smells so good!! My sister Lisa and her boyfriend Darren got me a beautiful heart with diamonds and garnets (my birthstone). My sister Michelle got me the attachment to my IPod so I can play songs through the radio in the car or at home. My friend/like a sister Leanne got me a gift card so that I could upload lots of songs to my new IPod. My Mom and Dad bought me a beautiful pink sweater set a beautiful Irish necklace and lots of Bath and Bodyworks shower gels and stuff. Over all I really couldn't ask for more. I got too much!! Thank you to all of them for making my day so special. I am truly blessed!! Here is a picture of the cake the kids made me.

Today I mainly just stayed in and relaxed on this rainy day. It was nice a quiet. I also had a doctor's appointment. I had to have my blood drawn and get a B-12 shot. The doctor thinks the reason I feel so sluggish and tired is because those levels were so low. Hopefully my energy levels feel better.

Tonight we went out to dinner to the Spare Rib. It was good. I like the BBQ chicken alot and they have the best tasting cornbread. I am just sitting now and watching Medium and then I will call it a night.

Friday, January 20, 2006

My Birthday Weekend


Hello. What a nice day out today. So mild and spring like. Hopefully the rest of the weekend stays like this.

The past few days Brittany has been home with the stomach bug that Kaylee had last week. She has been lying around the last couple of days but is doing much better today. I was supposed to go out tonight with my friend Alison but she came down with a cold. Guess it is just that time of year. Plus, its better I don’t hang out with anyone I can pick something up from. The last thing I need.

Tomorrow (Saturday) evening Alan is taking me out to the Milleridge Inn for my 36th Birthday. It is my favorite resturant. I love their yankee pot roast. I know he called tonight to try and get my favorite table next to the fireplace. My actual birthday is on Monday the 23rd but since it is easier to go out on the weekend we are celebrating Saturday. My mom is going to take the kids too overnight so it should be nice. I would also like to go and see the movie “Brokeback Mountain”. It looks good. Sunday we are going to my parent’s house and since we are there to pick up the kids my mom is going to make dinner for me and have cake. She said she’ll have the girls decorate it before I get there. I’m sure they will love it!

Well got to go and do some more cleaning so I can sit and relax for the rest of the evening. Hope you all have a great weekend.


Sunday, January 15, 2006

Quiet Sunday


Woke up to snow and freezing cold weather. It was a few inches...wish I knew since I didn't put the van in the garage. The whole front of my car was buried because of the wind and nice snow drift. Oh well guess I'll dig that out tomorrow.

Yesterday was the funeral and burial for my cousin Tommy. It was of course sad. The funeral procession was at least 40-50 cars in length. I never saw a funeral so big. To me that just shows how many lives he touched. It was a long day though. I wish I could of went back to the house afterwards but it is a smoking home and that would of been real bad for me with my asthma.

Anyways...really didn't do too much today but fix my family photo page and upload a couple of still videos I made for the party for my aunt last weekend. I watched some TV tonight too since Alan is out at his friends house watching the TNA Pay-Per-View. There was a great movie on the ABCFamily channel >> "If Only"<< with Jennifer Love Hewitt and Paul Nicholls. It was sooo good. A good tearjerker!! I definitely recommend seeing it. It is being replayed on Tuesday, Jan. 17th at 8:00 p.m. on the ABCFamily Channel here on Long Island that is channel 49. Now I am watching Grey's Anatomy.

So I am going to run. Alan should be home soon. Hope the rest of your weekend is great!!


Friday, January 13, 2006

God Works In Mysterious Ways


Unfortunately, today the weather is pretty crummy. The past few days have been hard to swallow with the passing of Tommy due to his massive heart attack. I did ask myself why and question God. I guess I did get an answer. I find you don’t always get what you pray for either but somehow it is still a miracle.

Let me explain. On Thursday morning, my mom woke up and remembered that her friend Mickey had told her that she had been on a donor list for 4 years awaiting a kidney. My mom knew this was a long shot but Tommy’s family had decided to donate his organs to help someone else out there. So she called the family and told them about her friend. You are allowed to donate to who ever you want to first before the organ is put out into a general pool for the organ donation list. So they immediately put Mickey down as the person who should be considered first for the kidney. Again knowing this was a long shot she called her friend Mickey and told her about the donation and that she should call the hospital right away to send any information she has to match her kidney with his. As it turns out, last evening Mickey received the miracle. She was a perfect match. I’m sure it gives the family some comfort in knowing that the kidney went to someone close by and to someone that knows the family. I have met Mickey myself she used to work with my mom in the hospital. I am sure she and her family are forever grateful. It would be nice to know that they could meet one day. Also the liver that Tommy donated went to I believe a 46 year old man north of Long Island. I am totally amazed. I know this is no major consolation to the family who lost Tommy but it is nice to know his death was not in vain. That he went on to save two lives! He is the true hero out of all of this. Again, I realized that you don’t always get what you pray for and this was that last thing I could of imagined happening. But it is a true miracle!

Tonight is the wake from 7-10 p.m. and then again tomorrow from 10-12 noon and then the burial.


Thursday, January 12, 2006

A Sad Day

51° degrees

Yesterday was pretty somber just sitting around still waiting on the news of my cousin Tommy. I was home because Kaylee has been sick for the past couple of days with a stomach bug she woke up with on Monday. She is doing much better now.

My Mom and Aunt Tootsie went to be at the hospital yesterday with Tommy and his family. They signed the DNR papers. I know that is a hard paper to have to sign. They also got word from the doctor’s that the repeat brain scan they did showed that his brain was no longer functioning. He was without oxygen for more than 11 minutes during his massive heart attack on Sunday. My mom said the family is taking it very hard which is completely understandable. I know his son was able to go up and see his dad. They had special psychologists up at the hospital that prepared him – he is only 10. He was able to go and talk to his dad and say goodbye. Lastnight the family talked with the doctors and decided to stop the life support. Tommy died last night. It is heartbreaking that someone so young this had to happen to. I ask myself why these things happen. There are just no answers. It is so incredibly sad. I feel so sad especially for those left behind to grieve. I am happy though Tommy is now at peace and there is no more suffering. The family decided to donate his organs. It is a way he can live on and maybe save someone else. The family is planning a one day wake most likely on Friday and a burial on Saturday. Please keep them in your prayers to help them through this difficult time.

Big Hugs!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Crazy Week!

46 degrees

Hello! Well as you can see I have changed my site once again. Hopefully I fixed all the links...have a few in the photo album to update.

Sorry once again for my lack of updates. The beginning of the year has been so very busy for me. My Aunt Tootsie's 70th birthday party was this past Saturday, Jan 7th at the Westbury Manor. For the last month I have been doing so much to help get ready for it. Gosh it sure was like planning a wedding. Doing the guestlist, getting the DJ, printing the invites and mailing them, ordering flowers, planning the seating, and I also worked on putting together 2 photo videos that were pictures throughout her life and put them on DVD that was pretty time consuming. I think they came out nice. I will try and upload them during the week for you to see. Overall though the party was a hit. I was happy that I could help out. It made me feel good to help and it got my mind off being sick by giving me something else to focus on.

Oh and some great cousin Ronnie is also officially home from Iraq. He was released on Saturday after a ceremony. He got many medals to be proud of.

I have also had my share of health problems this week as well. I found out that I am allergic to prednisone. I had another episode of my throat closing up and my skin turning beat red like a sunburn. I can handle the sunburn rash but the throat closing up was pretty scary. The doctor said it was the prednisone I have been taking. So what was supposed to help me by opening up my bronchial tubes is hurting me. Double edge sword I'd say. I sure hope when I have a bad attack again, that they have something to do the job that the prednisone can do.

Sunday, was finally my day to relax. Well it started off that way. Then I got a phone call from my mom that my cousin Tommy had a massive heart attack. I was so shocked. He was supposed to of come to the party the day before but ended up not coming because he and his wife had not been feeling to good. He was rushed to the hospital and then transferred to another hospital that was better equipped to handle his condition. Well while there they did a brain scan to see if he had damage to his brain because he was without oxygen for so long. Unfortunately it didn't come back good at all. It was devastating news for everyone. There was very minimal brain activity at all. He had also been posturing and having seizures since yesterday. Medication not helping too much at all. We also found out because of the severe brain damage that he would never be able to breathe on his own ever again even if he did pull through. He would never be the same man he once was. He is only 46 years old. His wife is 36 and has also been battling MS for years. He also has a young son who is just 10 years old. Please keep them in your prayers. I just pray that God gives the family the strength to get through this hard time and for Tommy not to suffer. I will keep you updated as to what happens over the next few days. I am afraid though it doesn't look good.

Today, Alan and I got the kids off to school and then went to IHOP for breakfast. It was nice to spend some quite time without the kids. Alan then had to go to work and I went home and did some paperwork that I needed to get caught up on. Tomorrow I have alot of cleaning to do that I have been neglecting plus finally getting the Christmas tree down. Alan is off tomorrow so he is going to help me.

So that's about it for now. Hope everyone is doing well. I will be around to say "Hello" soon!!



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