Friday, January 13, 2006

God Works In Mysterious Ways


Unfortunately, today the weather is pretty crummy. The past few days have been hard to swallow with the passing of Tommy due to his massive heart attack. I did ask myself why and question God. I guess I did get an answer. I find you don’t always get what you pray for either but somehow it is still a miracle.

Let me explain. On Thursday morning, my mom woke up and remembered that her friend Mickey had told her that she had been on a donor list for 4 years awaiting a kidney. My mom knew this was a long shot but Tommy’s family had decided to donate his organs to help someone else out there. So she called the family and told them about her friend. You are allowed to donate to who ever you want to first before the organ is put out into a general pool for the organ donation list. So they immediately put Mickey down as the person who should be considered first for the kidney. Again knowing this was a long shot she called her friend Mickey and told her about the donation and that she should call the hospital right away to send any information she has to match her kidney with his. As it turns out, last evening Mickey received the miracle. She was a perfect match. I’m sure it gives the family some comfort in knowing that the kidney went to someone close by and to someone that knows the family. I have met Mickey myself she used to work with my mom in the hospital. I am sure she and her family are forever grateful. It would be nice to know that they could meet one day. Also the liver that Tommy donated went to I believe a 46 year old man north of Long Island. I am totally amazed. I know this is no major consolation to the family who lost Tommy but it is nice to know his death was not in vain. That he went on to save two lives! He is the true hero out of all of this. Again, I realized that you don’t always get what you pray for and this was that last thing I could of imagined happening. But it is a true miracle!

Tonight is the wake from 7-10 p.m. and then again tomorrow from 10-12 noon and then the burial.


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