Thursday, January 12, 2006

A Sad Day

51° degrees

Yesterday was pretty somber just sitting around still waiting on the news of my cousin Tommy. I was home because Kaylee has been sick for the past couple of days with a stomach bug she woke up with on Monday. She is doing much better now.

My Mom and Aunt Tootsie went to be at the hospital yesterday with Tommy and his family. They signed the DNR papers. I know that is a hard paper to have to sign. They also got word from the doctor’s that the repeat brain scan they did showed that his brain was no longer functioning. He was without oxygen for more than 11 minutes during his massive heart attack on Sunday. My mom said the family is taking it very hard which is completely understandable. I know his son was able to go up and see his dad. They had special psychologists up at the hospital that prepared him – he is only 10. He was able to go and talk to his dad and say goodbye. Lastnight the family talked with the doctors and decided to stop the life support. Tommy died last night. It is heartbreaking that someone so young this had to happen to. I ask myself why these things happen. There are just no answers. It is so incredibly sad. I feel so sad especially for those left behind to grieve. I am happy though Tommy is now at peace and there is no more suffering. The family decided to donate his organs. It is a way he can live on and maybe save someone else. The family is planning a one day wake most likely on Friday and a burial on Saturday. Please keep them in your prayers to help them through this difficult time.

Big Hugs!!

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