Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Hearts Day!!

32 degrees

Happy Valentine's Day!!
Got this sweet gift from Kathleen this early this morning!! Thanks Kathleen!!

Well we finally dug out after the NY blizzard of 2006. The kids had a snow day today. We haven't had that kind of snowstorm in a long time 18-24 inches fell across Long Island. It has actually been weird weather here this winter. I mean just last week we had temps in the 60's then this week bam!! Snow!! Lots of it! ere are a couple of pics I took.

Well not too much going on here. I just haven't been too motivated to blog lately. Sorry about that. Last week though I went to the doctor and was pretty upset guess being sick so much this year has totally gotten to me. I just started crying out of nowhere. I would never normally do that. She understood though and reminded me that I have been dealing with this for 10 months now... God I didn't think it was that long. I just feel like I haven't the mom or wife I wish I could be lately. I also feel like I have been no fun to be around. So she decided to put me on a medication to help me with my mood being so down. Lexapro. I have been on it now for a week and I have to say it has made me feel so much better. Even Alan noticed how much better I seem to be this week.

Also that same day when I came home from the doctor, feeling so bad. I had a wonderful package waiting that the mailman was just dropping off for me. It was a package from Kathleen. She had sent me a belated Christmas/Birthday presents. She sent a cute Boyd's bear that I have sitting on my desk now, Celine Dion Note's perfume It smells so nice. I love perfumes. She also sent me a Celine Dion Cd, a really pretty mug and some cute heart note paper and my favorite a beautiful Willow Tree statue of a mom holding her baby. Thanks so much again Kathleen. It meant alot to me and it really cheered me up. You are such a sweet and kind friend!

I also got the chance to go out with my best friend Alison on Friday. We went to dinner and then out to see Brokeback Mountain. I have been wanting to see that for a while now. It wasn't a bad movie. It was actually a bit sad.

Then the rest of the weekend we actually just stayed in and watched tv and I also worked on a project I have making a website for my cousins business. She creates software that banks use. She had a web site built but didn't like it. So she was giving me the opportunity to have a crack at it. I enjoy building web sites so it's been fun.

Well hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day!!


Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Go Away Sickies!!


Wow Wednesday already. I had David and Brittany home getting over their colds. I hope that everyone should be back to school by tomorrow. Yay!! I am happy that. I am just so tired of everyone being sick me included. What a bad winter for us.

Well as for me....I went to the doctor yesterday. My blood results were good except that I don't have enough B-12 in my system. My levels were very low around 200 when it should be 600 at a minimum. The doctor thinks the reason I am not absorbing any B-12 is because of :

A- I have been so sick with the pneumonia, bronchitis and my asthma problems.
B- That I am on so many meds (8 pills a day) that it is interfering with the production of the intrinsic factor that the stomach produces that aids in making B-12

So the treatment for me regardless is B-12 shots for a month (I started today) and then she will repeat the bloodwork and hopefully my levels will improve or it just may mean that I may need shots for the rest of my life. So it's a wait and see situation.

I also received my bracelet that I orderd from Kat's Krystals. I acutally got it on Tuesday afternoon. It is beautiful. What wonderful quality and so well made. I love it! I will be ordering another one. Please check out > Kat's Krystals <>

I also got the siggie I ordered from > Kathleen Graphics <. She has lots of cute graphics so check her out as well.

Well I am off to watch some TV. It's Lost and Invasion night! Though I think they are repeats this week.
Hope your all having a great week!


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