Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Go Away Sickies!!


Wow Wednesday already. I had David and Brittany home getting over their colds. I hope that everyone should be back to school by tomorrow. Yay!! I am happy that. I am just so tired of everyone being sick me included. What a bad winter for us.

Well as for me....I went to the doctor yesterday. My blood results were good except that I don't have enough B-12 in my system. My levels were very low around 200 when it should be 600 at a minimum. The doctor thinks the reason I am not absorbing any B-12 is because of :

A- I have been so sick with the pneumonia, bronchitis and my asthma problems.
B- That I am on so many meds (8 pills a day) that it is interfering with the production of the intrinsic factor that the stomach produces that aids in making B-12

So the treatment for me regardless is B-12 shots for a month (I started today) and then she will repeat the bloodwork and hopefully my levels will improve or it just may mean that I may need shots for the rest of my life. So it's a wait and see situation.

I also received my bracelet that I orderd from Kat's Krystals. I acutally got it on Tuesday afternoon. It is beautiful. What wonderful quality and so well made. I love it! I will be ordering another one. Please check out > Kat's Krystals <>

I also got the siggie I ordered from > Kathleen Graphics <. She has lots of cute graphics so check her out as well.

Well I am off to watch some TV. It's Lost and Invasion night! Though I think they are repeats this week.
Hope your all having a great week!

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