Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Beautiful Spring Day!

55 degrees

Hello. what a beautiful spring day today. It may even go up to 60 degrees. Been kinda busy the last couple of days. So I haven't been on the computer too much. Yesterday, Alan and I ran around doing some errands. We also went to Target and then we picked up the kids from school and I had to take David for his orthodontist appointment. His teeth are looking really good. I also spent some time late last night looking for a replacement quit for my bed I have a set that I really like but because of my asthma I wash my quilt very often so it is just looking a bit worn. I just got an email this morning from a woman named Catherine from Simply Quilt Crazy and told me that the quilt isn't made anymore but she was able to find one for me when she called her connection. I am thrilled so I will be calling her and ordering that right away. This is my set:

Alan is still coming along. The doctor put him in a soft collar a couple of hours on and off each day because of the terrible headaches and the spasms he is having in his neck. Unfortunately,we have to wait another couple of weeks so that he can have an MRI to find out what is going on. He was told not to work at UPS until May 1st. Though if he is doing better at any point he can go back sooner.

Well I am going to get going. I have some things to catch up on and then I want to run out and pick up a few gifts for David and Brittany's religion teachers since this evening is their last day of classes.

I also have to get gifts this week for Alan and David. They both share the same birthday March 31st. Yup I gave my husband a son for his birthday 13 years ago!! Cool huh. So their birthday is this Friday. I know Alan wants a VCR/DVD recordable DVD Player. I saw one in BJ's Wholesale that he was looking at so maybe I will pick that up for him. David I know wants video games for his PSP handheld game and some DVD's. So that should be easy. We are all going to go out to the Movies on Friday night too. I think David had picked Ice Age 2. I guess I should watch Ice Age one before I go. LOL.

Have a great day!!


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