Thursday, March 16, 2006

Busy week so far

49 degrees Very windy!!

Well things are coming along. Alan is still in some pain from the accident. He has whiplash from the accident on Friday. The adjuster came on Wedesday to look at the car and said it looks like he will be totaling the car. I just hope we get something decent to put towards another car. I have been dealing with then insurance companies and hope everything turns out well and is done quickly.

This morning, Alan and I have a CSE meeting at school regarding Kaylee. She really has been struggling with her speech and language development. This meeting is to determine her placement for next September. She may need special services that are only available in another East Meadow School. So they will be going over that with us. It's good that she is young which is the best time to do all of this. She really will not have a clue. I think alot of Kaylee's delay in speech have alot to do with her two open heart surgeries over the past years. I feel it set her back. She really has been through so much. She did everything later than most children her age and maybe she just needs the extra time to catch up. I'll let you know how it goes.

The children had their religion classes last evening. They only have a few more weeks left. David has a retreat coming up for his confirmation class. He completed all his community service and was happy that he did. His confirmation is on Monday, May 15th.

I watched American Idol I had to Dvr it. I'm still routing for Kevin. He is a fellow Long Islander who lives just a few miles away in Levittown. He is in high school and his school gets together for AI nights to route for their fellow classmate.

Another thing I was happy to hear about was the death sentence set for the man who killed the Florida girl Carlie Brucia. I really don't know what my feelings are with the death penatly but this just seems like it was the right decision. My husbands very good friend Dave used to know Carlie's mom very well and even babysat Carlie until they moved down to Sarasota. He was so sad when he learned the news of Carlie and went down for the funeral.

Here is the story from News 12 Long Island.

FL man sentenced to death for murder of 11-year-old LI native Carlie Brucia

(03/15/06) SARASOTA, FL - A Florida man was sentenced to death Wednesday for the murder of 11-year-old Long Island native Carlie Brucia. Joseph Smith was also sentenced to two life sentences for her abduction and rape.

During a hearing last month, Smith had tearfully apologized for his crimes. He said he had taken heroin and cocaine in an attempt to kill himself before he abducted Carlie on February 1, 2004. A security camera recorded Smith's abduction of Brucia.

Brucia's father lives in Bellmore, Long Island.

Well going to run. I just want to relax in bed and watch some dvr'd stuff and catch some z's.


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