Friday, March 10, 2006

Miss Me??

70 degrees

Hello. I know it's been soooo long. I have not been feeling the greatest lately and just found it hard to blog at all. Guess I have been down in the dumps a bit. I didn't want to have to blog all about it so I just stayed away from the computer. I really appreciate the messages you all left for me. Sorry I have been so lousy to answer back. I'm trying to get myself back on track. One day at a time I suppose.

Anyways today wasn't too great..Except for the wonderful weather that is.

Alan my husband got into a car accident right in front of our house at 9:10 a.m. He was just coming home from dropping off the girls at school and had just signaled to turn right into our driveway ... I was sitting in our dining room and could see out to the front...anyways. I heard a very loud screech and it made me stand right up. I looked right outside as the boom (crash) occurred. I saw a tail end of a blue car push forward and a black Mazda with alot of front end damage. I saw a guy jump out of the Mazda ...he also forgot to put the car into park so his car was starting to roll. I was yelling to him to put his car into park and then he finally caught up with it and did so. I was getting ready to turn around and call 911 but I noticed he was calling someone from his cell. I was in my pj's still so I didn't run outside. Just then my husband popped his head in the front door and said there was an accident in front of our house. I said yeah I know and he said yeah I was the one who was hit. It turns out Alan was the car that I caught the tail end of never thinking it was him. He was pushed all the way to my next door neighbor’s driveway which was out of eye site of my front door which is why I didn't notice it was Alan right away. I threw on some sweats and grabbed my camera and ran outside. I took lots of pics.

Here are some: :Click Here to view pictures:

The police showed up and thankfully no one was badly injured. It looks like when Alan was stopped and waiting to turn into our driveway the young guy traveling behind him said he had turned away to look at something and by the time he looked up it was too late. Also the driver who hit my husband was driving a rental car because his car was in the shop being repaired from a previous accident from the week before. He suffered from some burns on his arm from the airbag deploying. Alan had his neck jolt forward and back so he was feeling a little stiffness at the time. He told the police officer so that that would be notated in the report. He refused to go to the hospital so I insisted he be seen for an x-ray right away at the doctor's office. It came back as whip lash and some possible nerve damage down to his right arm. He was told to take the night off from UPS tonight so he could rest and keep ice on his neck. He goes back to the doctor on Monday so hopefully he is feeling much better. We were told they may just total our car which sucks because we can't afford another car right now and what they would give to total the car would not be enough to buy something... but we'll have to see come Monday when I talk to the adjuster for the Entiprise Rental Company (the company the young guy driver was using) Alan drives my old 1992 Honda. I have the 2004 Toyota Sienna so at least we have something. I may just have to drive him back and forth to work for a bit though.

I just wish our luck would change. Everything is so depressing lately. Me being sick for so long and now this. I do try to keep in perspective though and I know there are much worse things that could happen. So I guess I am trying to say I should count my blessings and be happy nothing worse happened.

I am going to try and get around and visit. I want to catch up with everyone and hope you’re all doing well.

Big Hugs!!

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