Friday, March 24, 2006

Starting To Feel A Little Like Spring

Good morning! Not a whole lot going on. The weather was just so nice yesterday. Alan and I got the kids off to school and went for a nice breakfast at IHOP. He is doing ok. He still has pain but hopefully it gets better each day. He see's the doctor again tomorrow. Afterwards, Alan had to go to the store to check on things so I decided since it was so nice that I would clean out my car. I haven't touched it in a couple of months really with it being so cold and with me not feeling well, it just never got done. Gosh the stuff the kids had in there...LOL. I am usually good too I usually always clean the car once a week. Anyways, I took it over and had it detailed and now it looks good as new. Then I ran to Wal-mart, found a couple of cute t-shirts for the girls and got some necessities. I had also picked up the attachment finally to my Ipod for the car. I love downloading books to listen too so when I am driving I can listen too. Plus, when I am parked waiting for the kids to get out of school, I can watch some of the TV shows I downloaded as well. I really like this Ipod alot. It was really worth the money.

I also got a cute siggie from Kathleen from her site Kathleens Graphics You'll see it as my siggie below. She also sent me another one with her duckies that has both our names on it. Thank you again Kathleen you are just so sweet and such a good friend. I am going to put it up on the right side of the page. Her duckie's are just so cute!

So that's really about all the excitement going on here. Tonight I plan on going out with my friend Alison, I think she wanted to take a ride into Manhattan maybe go to a Museum but I really don't like walking around there when it's too cold out at night it's just not good with my asthma. So we will see how the weather is going to be later. If not maybe we will just stay on the Island and go to dinner. It will just be good to get out.
Big Hugs!!

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