Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Lots going on...

48 degrees

Let's see the weekend was very nice.. David and Alan had nice birthday's even if they both do share the same birthday. On Friday, after school, I took David out shopping and he picked out a couple of Game Cube games and a DVD that he wanted. Then I took him his friend Amanda and his sisters out to Pizza Hut. David wanted to go to the movies for his birthday, so he picked the movie Ice Age 2 : The Meltdown. We all went as a family and I told David he could bring his friend as well. The movie was really funny; good for adults and children. I really enjoyed it and so did everyone else. Saturday, we went to my mom and dad's house. My mom made Alan his favorite dish; chicken parm. David's request was for pizza bagels. It was really nice of her to do that for them. The enjoyed it alot. Then we had a nice icecream cake from Carvel. Gosh it was good!! Yum!!

Sunday, Kaylee woke up with vomiting on and off all day, so I really just sat holding her most of the day. Gosh the poor thing...she catches everything since she started kindergarten. She is doing much better though, but I did keep her home from school Monday. Later on Sunday evening, Alan brought home some movies..."Failure to Launch", "V for Vendetta", "Inside Man", "Ice Age The Meltdown", and "Firewall" (w/Harrison Ford). All really good copies too!! So I sat and watched Ice Age again with Kaylee ...she was thrilled. I want to see Firewall next. Alan went out with his friends to a barbecue and to watch Wrestlemania. He had a nice time and his friends even got him a cake and sang happy birthday.

Well went to the doctor yesterday for a check up and bloodwork. I have been feeling pretty good. I think mostly because of the weather. In the process of my checkup, she did my blood pressure and it just seems to keep going up. Last time it was just borderline 140/90. I told her I keep on having hot flashes even when I am resting. I even had one when I was sitting on the exam table. She said that wasn't normal for a 36 year old and I was too young to be going through any female changes. She then took my blood pressure and it was 150/105 ... not good. So my med list which is already long enough has grown..I am now on 14 different meds everyday (mostly for asthma)!!Crazy!! I was put on DynaCirc CR for high blood pressure. She said that I am probably having the hot flashes because of my pressure going up. Though she was going to check my thyroid and do a complete blood chemistry just to make sure. So I will have to see if the new med works... then go back in 2 weeks. Oh gosh when does it ever end!! Guess it's good that it is caught before something horrible was to come of it such as a heart attack or stroke. I am way too young to have to have any of that going on. I have to watch my salt intake and start doing some more exercise. So I will have to get back to my walking. High blood pressure runs in my family so it really isn't too much of a surprise. My mom is on meds for it as well. The Dr. said it is hereditary. I also ordered a wrist blood pressure machine to check my pressure off of Amazon. My mom has the same one and so does my aunt and her doctor told her that it was an accurate and easy one to use.

I also ordered my quilt set that I told you about in my last post. I should have it next week sometime. I love quilts and was happy that I found this one since it has been discontinued.

I've also been buying some tickets the past couple of days. I bought 12 tickets to a Long Island Ducks baseball game on July 4th. I figured it would be a nice family day out with my parents, sisters, and the kids and then afterward they are having a Grucci fireworks show. Around here everywhere you go is packed especially the Jones Beach fireworks show. So I figured everyone would enjoy a nice evening.

The other tickets... I am so thrilled about...Kenney Chesney... my favorite country singer....if finally coming to NY's Madison Square Garden on July 14th. Though instead of Sugarland touring with him at this concert Carrie Underwood (from American Idol) will be there. I love her new song "Jesus Take The Wheel". I ended up getting excellent tickets and Alan and I will have a nice evening out this summer. It's not too often that country singers come here to NYC. My sister also got tickets to see Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. So maybe they are getting more fans in NYC these days. Alan isn't trilled about going but I've gone to plenty of events with him that I wasn't too thrilled about ....Pink Floyd...Wrestling events...Rush... so he is going but under protest at the moment. LOL!!

Alan is still doing about the same. So that's about all for now. Hope you all are having a great week!!


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