Friday, April 14, 2006

Rainy Friday...but busy.

52 degrees

Hiya! Well it looked nice when I woke up this morning but it didn't last too long. Thankfully my landscapers came early to do the spring clean-up because it's been a raining on and off all day long. Really makes it feel like Good Friday.

Alan got his results back on his MRI and he has a problem between two of the discs in his neck (which he never had before) so we are going to talk to a lawyer. I have never ever sued anyone before but when you start messing around with his neck and all then you have to worry. Will this be an ongoing problem? Will he need surgery later on? Who knows. It really stinks but we just have to protect ourselves. All this because some kid had to drive a car and not pay attention to what he was doing and crash into him. Anyways... Alan also got his car fix and just picked it up the other day. You would really never know that it was damaged. The auto body did a wonderful job.

The kids started their Easter vacation Thursday. They are off till next Monday the 24th. Today, I ran out for a bit and did some Easter shopping. I picked up some candy to fill their baskets but picked up som arts and crafts things as well for them. Brittany and Kaylee love that stuff. David I got ... but yet another video game. He is getting much harder to shop for now that he is getting older.

Oh and my little one Kaylee asked me to get her ears peirced and so we did. She was so good. I really didn't think she would sit for it but she surprised me and didn't move. She said that didn't hurt mommy and now I am so pretty. How cute? I also picked up dresses for Brittany and Kaylee for the Sweet Sixteen party we are going to at the Swan Club next Friday. They are just so adorable in them. I have to take them back to Roosevelt Feild Mall and go shoe shopping though. I also have to look for myself and for David. He needs a nice suit since his Confirmation is coming up anyways. At least he will get to wear it a few times.

Other than that not much else going on. If I don't get the chance to write. I wish you all a very Happy Easter or Passover!!


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