Friday, June 2, 2006

It's sure been busy

Hello All....

I'm sorry about the lack of updates. The past month has been so busy. Lots going on. Alan is still recouperating from his car accident. He ended up after all his tests / mri's were taken. A herniated disc in his neck, a torn shoulder, and nerve damage in his right shouder/arm.

I have also been busy redecorating the house. I decided to paint our living room/hallway/dining room. What a job. Now I know why I haven't painted in years!! LOL!! We painted a nice sage green. We also replaced the carpeting which was like 25 years old. It looked good but it was really time for a change. We replaced it with a berber. I tell ya it sure helped my breathing alot getting rid of the high pile carpet. I will take some pics soon.

We also found out today that Alan's Aunt Mary passed away. Aunt Mary has been like a mom to Alan. She had battled breast cancer years ago and it showed itself again just weeks ago as bone cancer. There wasn't much that could be done. She had radiation done but it just wore her body out and she ended up collapsing and since declined. Yesterday, she slipped into a coma, and then spiked a 106 fever and then during her last hour had trouble breathing. She passed away at home with her family around her just a little after 9 p.m. She will be missed so much. She was Jewish so there will be no wake. She will be buried on Sunday, June 4, 2006.

Flowers and Picture of Alan and Aunt Mary

I want to also thank Kathleen and her husband Ron so very much for you thoughtful words and for the beautiful flowers (pictured above) that I just received this evening. Thank you doesn't even describe how much that meant!! I will call you soon!!

Big Hugs!!

Sorry About Lack Of Posting

I will try and post later today to fill you in


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