Friday, July 14, 2006

Concert Tonight!!


Well Wednesday I went out to dinner and then to Jones Beach to see Kelly Clarkson. It was a great concert. She only played about an hour though... I think because of the severe weather we were having here. It had poured and had severe lightning just prior to the show. If anyone has been to a Jones Beach concert the arena is outdoors so I think they cut the show short because another band of severe weather was on it's way in. I had a great time and thank my friend Alison!!

Tonight we are going to NYC Madison Square Garden to see Kenny Chesney. Also opening for him is Carrie Underwood (former Amican Idol...) who I am excited to see as well. I love her song Jesus, Take the Wheel.

I am just so excited. We have great seats next to the stage. I was happy that he was coming to NYC. Rarely do country singers come here. It will be a nice evening for Alan and I to get out. He really isn't into Kenny Chesney and I have been playing his music so much lately I think it's growing on him a bit. My Mom and Dad were nice enough to take the kids for the evening since it will be too late when we get out of the concert and catch the train home.

Anyways...I am going to finish up the laundry and pack the kids up for tonight. Enjoy your weekend!!


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