Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Sure is Hot!!

Hello. I was up late tonight so I figured I would write. It's sure been hot here on LI the past couple of days. Today it reached 100. I wouldn't mind the hot so much if it wasn't humid with it! We had the neighbor's kids over to swim with the girls. The kids were commenting how warm the pool was so when I checked it was 93 degrees!! I must put some cold water in there tomorrow. Stinks when the pool isn't even refreshing!!

The Kenny Chesney concert was great. It was the first concert he ever played at Madison Square Garden. We saw....Carrie Underwood....Dierks Bently.... Uncle Kracker and of course Kenny Chesney. Here are a few pics... not so good because it was so dark.

Today my sister Lisa had laser eye surgery so that she won't have to wear glasses anymore. She did really well. She said it was so weird to see now without her glasses which were pretty strong. She said it sure better work at $1900 an eye!! She had me cracking up though. The dr.'s office gave her a pair of sunglasses and a nifty baseball cap to help keep the sun out of her eyes. She was like ... how dow you like my hat for $3800!! She's too much!!

I also did a little shopping with my mom at the mall for our trip that we are leaving for on Sunday to Point Sabego Resort in Maine. I was looking for a couple of pairs of shorts which I found with no problem. I went to Macy's to look for a newbathing suit. I found a Miracle Suit one I liked but...because I have a DD chest ....I was a poppin' out....I hate when that happens!! LOL!! I don't need to look like a hussy from the river as my mom would say!! So I went back to my mom's and went on my sisters computer and found my suit in Nordstrom's in a DD top. I had it express delivered so that I get it in time hopefully by Thursday. Here is a pic. When I first saw it I really wasn't going to try it on but when I did it was really flattering. It really makes a very slim waist. Something I sure need help with!

Well guess I should get myself off to bed this is pretty late for me to be up at almost 3 am. I have a hair cut appointment at 10 am. and lots to do tomorrow.


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