Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Wow Wednesday Already.

Wow the week is just zipping by....Yesterday, my living room furniture arrived. It's so pretty. The only thing now is I have this blue recliner in the room that just does not go. Looks like I am going to have a reapolstered to another color or get a new recliner. Other than that it looks beautiful.

I also took Brittany and I to the dentist. Brittany needed her 6 month check-up and did very welll. I on the other hand was told to have a back wisdom tooth removed. I explained that the oral surgeon once said that the root of my tooth is wrapped around the nerve and if it were to be pulled I would loose feeling in my lower half of my mouth / chin. So I never did it. She sait that there are new techniques and she could do it that the tooth would have to come out in pieces. So I scheduled an appointment with her on Aug 1 when I get back from vacation.

I also ran and did a little food shopping at Waldbaums. I really want to eat healthier and refused to buy any junk for the house. I have been trying to eat alot of protiens and much less carbs. I am feeling so good so far. Though it's only been a week. As soon as I am done typing this I am going to go and do a Leslie Sansone video Wak Away the Pounds.

My best friend Alison is coming by my house around 5 p.m. so that we can leave and go catch a bite to eat before the concert. I'm hoping the weather just stays the way it is cloudly with no rain. That is the only thing about going to concerts at Jones Beach there's always that chance it will rain.

I'll let you know how my concert went... Have a great Wednesday~ Dawn

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