Monday, August 14, 2006

And Still Continues

Hey...I am sitting on my husbands laptop in bed...I can't sleep again. So I figured I would write a little. Just to help me clear my head a little bit. Then maybe I could rest.

Today was so nice out...the past few days for that fact. We spent the day outside mostly by the pool. The girls were finally able to dunk their heads and are feeling much better from their swimmers ear. When we came in I just did some laundry and made dinner.

Earlier in the day, I got another nasty email from my sister. She said she tried to apologize. Well her idea of an apology is I quote "I do apologize for what I said to you but you were no angel either". Nice apology huh. Very contradicting.. She also continues to lie and twist the facts. I don't want to speak to her till she can finally tell the truth for once and for all. Maybe one day that will come. But I'm not holding my breath either. LOL!! She thinks my husband's afraid of me now because he knows what really happened because he was there at the time. She thinks he is just afraid to speak up with his own opinion. He's 38 years old and he's not afraid to speak to me if I am wrong. He knows she is wrong! She has no right talking about me or my son the way she did. She even had the nerve to call my husband at work with this. Can you believe that. Whatever.

I am in the process of writing her a lengthily email. I just can't talk to her personally right now because I think that would get me too upset and I already have high blood pressure which I am on medication for so I have to think about my health. I don't need to be having a heart attack over this or an asthma attack form getting so upset. I have to put my family first and I just can't consume all my time on this. I plan on just trying to put it past me and getting on with my life.

Tomorrow David and I were thinking of going to se the movie World Tade Center. I heard it had lots of wonderful review. I know part of me wants to see it but another part doesn't. I just don't want to relive that day and the many weeks and months afterwards with the funerals. I was so sad. It was all just too close to home. I had just gotten my kids off to school that day when I got home to find a special report. I was so worried as many other parents that we should go right over to the schools and pick our children up. Manhattan is not that far from me and my dad works there. I remember my sister Michelle and I taking and being really upset because were weren't positive to my dads whearabouts. Well...lucky him...he played hooky from work that day and was out playing golf. What a relief that was. But for so many ... it was just sad. Ok did I just talk my self into or out of seeing it now?

Gosh exhausted but still can't sleep. I even just took an ambien sleeping pill and it's not working. My husband says because I need to calm down and rest. and get my mind off things. I wish I could.
Big Hugs!!

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