Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Dentist today...

Hey, I had a big root canal done today and I have been in pain all day since the novicaine wore off. My left side of my face is all swollen and my jaw is so sore it even hurts to swallow. I slept a lot and just got up. I sure hope I can fall back to sleep though. Plus I hope it feels better tomorrow.

Yesterday, my parents had dropped off my niece earlier in the day because my mom had an EMG test at the neurologist in Manhattan in regards to her herniated disc. When my parents got back they bought over a couple of pizzas for dinner and we all ate together. My niece decided that she wanted to sleep over so my parents just went home. It was getting late and we all got ready for bed but the kids all wanted to make ice cream cones. It was almost midnight but I figure I might as well let them enjoy the last of their summer vacation with a midnight ice cream party!! LOL!! David and my niece ended up just playing their video games and watching movies till all hours.

I am also getting ready for a barbeque that I am having here on Sunday to celebrate Kaylee's 6th birthday. I was trying to think of something different to make? Any suggestions? We are having some family over so it will be a small crowd. I did not invite my sister though. She is still being her stubborn self with not apologizing for what she did or acknowledging it either. Her birthday is next week on Sept 1st. My mom said this is going to be an interesting birthday. Though she said she understands totally where I am coming from and that she deserves it.

......Speaking of which, my niece just called me two minutes ago while I was typing this and she wanted to know if she could sleep over again. She had spent the evening with her dad and when she got home her mom was out and she was bored so she called me to come get her. I'm wide awake now from all the sleeping I did earlier so I am just going to go and run and get her and come home. From my house to Massapequa is only 6 miles. We needed milk anyways so I'll get that while I'm out too. Then I can come home and take my tylenol with codine and hopefully get back to sleep.

Well going to run...


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