Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I'm Done!!

I am so done. My sister is a complete a**. She so needs some type of help. We have been going back and forth all day with emails. I expain to hear that what she said to me and my son are hurtful things and she comes back with it never happened and I don't know what I'm talking about. UGhh!! She is some piece of work. If you knew her you'd know what I am talking about. Telling me I am a slob who didn't pick up after my kids. This coming from someone who just sits in her room half the time with the door shut and lets her mommy pick up after her all the time. She is 33 years old! Grow up!! What planet is she on? She is so out of her mind with this c*ap. I just can't anymore. I am not going to be made angry by her any further.

I am on my way out to go and see World Trade Center at 5 p.m. with my son and then for a bite to eat. Alan didn't want to see it so he took the girls to the park and will take them out to dinner.

I will write more later on...


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