Friday, August 11, 2006

Not Feeling Happy!!

Well it's been a heck of a few weeks. I really have been not feeling up to writing due to the events of the last couple of weeks. I have been so down and hurt I was hoping it would resolve by now but it hasn't. I wasn't going to even write about any of what happened but I feel it's my blog and I need to just get it off my chest once and for all.

We got back from vacation from Point Sebago Maine just a little over a week and a half ago. What a trip it's been. I have to say we did have a wonderful time. There was so much to do all the time. I don't think you could ever get bored there. My sister's boyfriend's family was so wonderfully kind and just an absolutely nice group of people. I took tons of pictures which I am working on getting up for you too see.

Unfortunately, there seemed to be some tension between my sister and I...which to this day I have no idea as to why. She was very snappy and yelled all week long especially at her daughter. She even told my husband to shut up on a few occasions. She was so not herself at all. Anyways...this led to a very horrible argument on the night we left all because I asked if anyone knew where a pair of scissors was because our power had gone out and I wanted to trim the wick on some candles to see as I finished packing. I didn't even say it nasty...just does anyone know where the scissors are and then I asked again after looking in a couple of cabinets... still no I said hello...anyone know where they are... and she quickly snapped back at me with I don't know where the scissors are in a very nasty way...also saying how all I did was complain all the time...complain all the time...I thought to myself... what is she talking about. I had a great time all week that point I just lost it!! I said what the hell is your problem...and then I said F@!K Y*%! What the heck--why did she have to be so freaking nasty for? All she had to say is I'm not sure where the scissors are or maybe look in such in such. Nice coming from a 33 year old. She ended up calling me some pretty horrible names and said some horrible things about me, my family, and my home...not to mention that she lunged at me as if she was going to jump me but thankfully my husband was standing there and stopped her. She really needs some anger management or a sedative or something. She especially said some things about my son and he is very deeply hurt. He wants nothing to do with her anymore because of this. I don't think I have ever been so mad and angry at anyone in my whole life. I hate to be like this but I just don't see this resolving itself. She never even apologized for what she did to my son... knowing he was crying hysterical. My husband did tell her that she cannot talk to our children like that. She was so out of line. I have totally had it with her and I plan on keeping my distance because I am not going to have my family upset because she feels the need to act like a nut. Her own daughter agreed that she should have apologized especially to my son. She said she didn't do anything wrong so she doesn't need to apologize to anyone. My poor son was just an innocent bystander to the argument unfortunately, so why she said anything about him is beyond me. She pulled crap with me last year around this time when my mom kicked her out of the house but this time she has really gone off the deep end with how cruel she was. I would never in a million years say anything she said to anyone.

So that's it... What do I do now? me. I've just had it at this point.

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