Thursday, August 17, 2006

Pretty Quiet Today

Today was mostly quiet. Woke up with a terrible headache though. I realized that when I woke up at 9 am to move my van for the landscapers so I just ended up going back to bed. Alan was home anyways till 3 p.m. because he had his employee open up the store so he was able to just keep the kids busy and quiet so I could rest. I finally started feeling better around 2:00 so I finally got up.

My mom called me from Virginia Beach where she, my dad and my niece are visiting my Aunt Tootsie. She wanted help setting up a wireless connection for my Aunt's computer. I explained how to connect it and it is working! Then my mom put me on the phone because my niece wanted to talk to me. We talked for 2 hours about how her trip was and what a good time she was having. That she had a great time at Busch Gardens--she said she rode the roller coaster 14 times in a row...god bless!! I did it 5-6 times in a row once with Alan and we were both dizzy and sick. Mind you we're in our 30's she is only 12. She said she also had a great time at the aquarium and going out on the boat to see dolphins. She also said she knew about the emails that have been going back and forth with her mom and I. I told her that I was still too upset about what transpired and that David and I are still too hurt with her mom right now and I won't be talking to her mother until she can admit what she really said and apologize sincerely for it. Not the condescending apology that I did get. She understood though. David got on the phone and talked to her for a little while also.

The girls played outside today but didn't feel like swimming. So I helped them set up paper and paint and they sat outside on the patio painting lots of pictures which kept them busy most of the afternoon. David was busy tinkering with his computer and trying to get a microphone working. He said it looks like he will be needing another one. Maybe later we'll run out to Target and check them out.

We also had to bury his big goldfish today "Garfield". David won him at a carnival a year ago and he grew so big. Truthfully we never expected him to live this long. He was so upset about though and refused to let me just flush it so we put him in a little box and buried him in the yard. My dad told him though when he got back from Virginia that he would take him for a new fish.

Oh and here is a picture of something ugly we found hopping around outside David's room. It must of jumped in from outside. I'm not sure what it is though, but it sure can jump. We caught it with David's fish tank net and put it back outside where he belonged. Anyone know what that is? Eweeee!

Other than that all's quiet. Alan works tonight till 8 p.m. and said he is going to bring home Chinese food so I didn't have to worry about cooking tonight which is good because I was planning on cooking a pot roast...guess that will wait till tomorrow.

Big Hugs!

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