Sunday, August 13, 2006

Saga continues...

Alan the kids and I had a wonderful time yesterday. We went down to Jones Beach last evening and they had a band playing and we walked the boardwalk a bit and then went down by the water the kids had a great time. Then we stopped and had dinner and went home for a swim.

Thanks to all of you for your kind comments. I did finally hear from my sister in a lengthy letter earlier today and she really is in denial of what really happened....maybe it's what she tells her self or her boyfriend who knows. If you lie enough you start to believe yourself. Whatever. It's something she's done many times before. I am so mad at the letter she wrote me that it doesn't even really deserve a response right now. She claims she never said that she called my son anything....which is an outright boldface lie right there. I heard her say it in fact she said it about both me and my son. She called me and my son fat and lazy...nice huh...(which is furthest from the truth not to mention calling me a fat bi*ch over and over again and a terrible mother who's kids are totally undisciplined and telling me my home is a pigsty and that we live like slobs...uggh now how would you feel if your sibling said that to you when you know it's so untrue) I wasn't even going to mention that but whatever....I'm at the point I feel so hurt I don't really care anymore She said that the information was mistook that she was telling my husband that she was sorry for calling me fat and lazy and my son overheard it. What a lie!! And if she was apologizing as she says, why didn't she say it to me? Why would she be telling my husband? Also I was on the phone with my other sister because I was so upset I figured staying away from her and talking to someone else was the best thing so I wouldn't go back at her and she actually calmed me down. My sister heard her say the fat and lazy comment!! It took a lot at the time not to go out there but what would that have done but throw more fuel on the fire. If she really felt we misheard what she said why didn't she correct that right away not wait a couple of weeks to say so especially since she knew my son was hysterical crying.... the reason...because it didn't happen the way she says!! Uggh!!! I hate feeling so angry and hurt. Hurt doesn't even remotely touch how bad I feel. I believe it will take a long time for me or my son to feel better. He is sooo angry and that is no good for a child. He doesn't want to talk to her at all and the mere mention of her name makes him upset right now. There were a lot more lies in her letter as well. One like we are keeping our kids away from her. She lives with my parents so I was over one time to drop off my kids last Sunday so my mom could watch them and then left to go to dinner. So if she felt she couldn't see them then why didn't she spend time with them then. Then on this past Thursday, she came home from work early and my other sister, cousin and I were in the backyard with the kids in the pool and she knew the kids were out there. She made no effort to say hi to them either. She twists things and I am so sick of it. There were so many other lies that I would be here all day going tit for tat. I am not the only one she has ever hurt in our family with her comments. Just wait till her boyfriend sees the real side of her one day. God help him. Maybe I'll answer her letter but when I can better compose my anger towards her--right now is not that time. I just pray my son and I can feel better. I pray that she can get help for her problems and her anger issues. Maybe she needs to learn how to think before she speaks. I am happy we went away. We all had a wonderful time except for the outburst. I just hope like Kat said that hopefully time will heal all the wounds and we can talk it out and put it past us one day. I just don't know how to get past all this anger and hurt right now...and it's not helping that she denies what really happened.

Today was mostly quiet though. I had to run some tournament prizes over to Alan at the store that he forgot to bring and then I came home and straightened up and went outside and vacuumed the pool, went for a swim and laid out in the sun for a little bit while the kids went swimming. Tonight Alan is going out to his friends house to watch a wrestling PPV event. Maybe I'll run and get a video at Blockbuster and have a movie night with the kids. Got to go and finish up's rigatoni ala vodka...yum.

Thanks so much for listening oh and here a few pics from yesterday evening at the beach...

Kaylee and Brittany

David and Alan

Jones Beach

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