Tuesday, August 15, 2006

WTC Movie

Tuesday Evening....

Well just got back with David from seeing movie World Trade Center. I was a very good movie but not about the violence of 9/11 about two Port Authority Police Officers named Will and John. What happened to them that day and what their family's went through. I would recommend seeing it if you get the chance don't let yourself be afraid to see it. I was a touching story.

After the movie David and I went to Friendly's for dinner. He liked the movie alot. We talked alot about the things going on lately and he is still so very hurt by his Aunt. Who could blame him. I told him how I would love to be able to just snap my figers and make it all better to just be able to forgive my sister for her words that hurt both of us so much. But right now and especailly after todays emails that just isn't happening. I know it is good to talk your problems out but if you can't be civil to one another then I think the best this is not to touch it for a while. Let some time pass. I know I just feel deep in my heart that I can't let this one just pass like nothing happened. I hate to be that way but she has done this in the past. She just throws it all under a rug and thinks what she says isn't remembered. Well words hurt and one day she will realize that she lost a very good-hearted sister because of it.

Well I am going to call it an evening. Kaylee is sitting with me and needs to get washed up after her and Brittany's day at the park with Alan. It was funny they went to Friendly's too and must of left just before David and I got there.

Till tomorrow.

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