Friday, September 8, 2006

Back In School

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. It sure has been a busy week with the kids starting back to school on Wednesday. Actually Tuesday, I went to a couple of meetings regarding Kaylee going into her new school so she can receive the special services she needs with her speech. It is such a nice school and a small one at that so everyone really gets to know Kaylee. I also had a meeting with the school principal for Brittany's school. They were thinking about retention for Brittany because of some reading difficulties she has been having. The had a big meeting and discussed everything and decided to send Brittany to second grade after all and that she would be tested and and get the services she needs to help her with her reading.

David likes his teachers this year in the 8th grade. He goes to the middle school. Boy did he come home with some big supply list including a graphic calculator which costs $118. Yikes!! They learn so many more things than I ever did when I was in school.

So all three kids are in all different schools. David is in walking distance, Brittany I am driving right now but she is intitled to the bus which she is thinking about taking and Kaylee takes the bus...her school is a few miles away her bus stop is right in front of our house which is nice. All in all though things are smoother in the mornings getting everyone up and out at their times.

Oh and just a reminder in case you forgot...Grandparents Day is this Sunday, Sept. 10th. I just realized it today. Though I am happy I knew before not after the fact.

Hope you all have a great weekend!!


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