Friday, September 22, 2006

Happy Fall Y'All

The week went by and Brittany and Kaylee are feeling much better. Now David, Alan and I have the sore throat and head cold. It always seems to pass through the whole family of course.

Alan had his appointment with the orthopedic doctor and since he has been in therapy for the past 6 months since the car accident with really no major improvement he has decided to do surgery on his shoulder for the tear in his rotocuff. It will be done on Oct. 3rd. It is an in and out procedure and a recuperation time with therapy of 4-6 weeks depending on how much work he has to do when he does the surgery. The good thing about this is he should be pain free and his shoulder will be repaired.

This weekend should be pretty quiet. I have been selected to be the class mom for Kaylee's class so I have to sit down this weekend and get some letters together to send home to the parents in her class. Also, I am going to my sister Michelle's on Sunday to have dinner for her friends birthday. Alan unfortunately, can't come because he already had plans to go to his friends house for a wrestling pay-per-view and to celebrate one of his friends birthday.

Other than that nothing elese too exciting... I may be working on my site some more. I got a cute new set I want to put up.

Well have a wonderful weekend!!


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